May 21, 2022

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Sean McVay says he remains committed to the Rams…

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Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams Practice

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams Practice

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The combination of Sean McVay’s recent statements about balancing work and family and persistent speculation that a TV network could make him an offer he can’t refuse has created a vague, gnawing sense that perhaps McVay will do what former Rams coach Dick Vermeil, 22 years ago. Win a Super Bowl, and walk away.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, McVay said he’s not leaving the Rams.

I’m committed to this team and coaching,” McVay told Rapoport.

A Super Bowl win will give the Rams a chance to show their commitment to him. His current contract runs through 2023. With no salary cap for coaches, an owner with money to burn, a salary market for coaches that is in the process of spiking, and the chance that Amazon or Fox or someone else would offer McVay roughly as much money to work a far less demanding job, the time could be now for Rams owner Stan Kroenke to pull out the bankroll and start peeling off bills.

McVay should be getting $20 million per year, frankly. At least that much. The ball will be in Kroenke’s court to reward McVay, if/when McVay rewards Kroenke with a Super Bowl win in the multi-billion-dollar stadium that Kroenke has built in L.A.

Sean McVay says he remains committed to the Rams and to coaching