April 13, 2021

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Should DeMarcus Lawrence’s stats worry Dallas…

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Should DeMarcus Lawrence's stats worry Dallas...

Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence is known as a force throughout the NFL, but he just came off a bad season statistically. Should fans be worried?

Looking at a player’s stats can tell you a lot about them. Many people argue; however, that stats do not tell the entire story. How much of that is true?

Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence is coming off an underwhelming season statistically. This is also right after he signed a monster contract last offseason. Does this season’s stat line make you worried that Lawrence is a flop?

Before I go any further, I would like to say that I love D-Law as a player and he seems like he is a good guy. I love him on the Cowboys and I sure hope he has a great season this year and on.

This season sucked for Lawrence … statistically. But anyone worried about him next season can breathe. I had you in the first part, didn’t I? His stats aren’t as good as he played this season for a couple of reasons.

The first is that he was being double-teamed all season long. Sure, if Lawrence was as good as everyone thought, then he would find a way to get the job done regardless right? Well, he still did, just not as much as he did the past two seasons.

Lawrence only had 5.0 sacks this season, but he opened the way for teammate Robert Quinn to have 11.5. I understand that it shouldn’t be completely credited to Lawrence, but he also helped former Cowboy, David Irving, almost average 1.0 sack per game in 2017.

Lawrence’s 45 combined tackles this past year was his worst in a full-16 game season. You can also add tackles for loss in there too. You still shouldn’t be worried about him.

One of the best features of any football player is the perseverance they show. It didn’t matter how many people are blocking him, if someone is trying to toss him to the ground, or if the ball carrier far away. Lawrence always hustles and plays every second he is on the field.

Not every player does in the NFL does that, and those that do usually turn out to have good careers. Lawrence is skilled and is very respected. Hence why teams plan on specifically trying to limit him.

Regardless of his underwhelming tackle and sack output, he managed to do well in other areas. He defended two passes, forced two fumbles, and recovered two fumbles.

Another thing to keep in mind is that he played under 70 percent of defensive snaps in 10 games this past season. I think it’s very likely that the Cowboys will play him a little more and give him as many opportunities to make a play.

One of the best compliments a player can get is being focused on by the other team. There is not one game where that didn’t happen. If Lawrence can get some help on the interior, then we can see his numbers shoot right up again.

Even if he doesn’t get that help I can see him jumping right back up because he has the fight in him and the skill to do it. Instead of training to get off one blocker, he needs to train to get off multiple. This offseason is his chance to do that and bounce back.

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How do you think Lawrence will play next season? Are you thinking that he is falling off? Are you thinking that he will bounce right back? Let me know in the comments.

Should DeMarcus Lawrence’s stats worry Dallas Cowboys fans?

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