May 29, 2022

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Should Patriots swipe Eric Bieniemy from Chiefs…

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Should Patriots swipe Eric Bieniemy from Chiefs...

The New England Patriots are suddenly short on coaches after longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels took the Raiders’ head coaching job.

Given how Mac Jones performed as a rookie under McDaniels’ tutelage, this was already a significant loss by itself. However, it became much more worrisome from a Pats perspective after McDaniels broke the team’s unwritten rule and poached three other offensive assistants from New England’s staff.

How is Bill Belichick coping with the coaching turnover? Based on the latest reports, not that great! Per Doug Kyed of Pro Football Focus, Belichick is planning on taking on a bigger offensive role alongside Matt Patricia.

There’s speculation that Joe Judge, who was re-hired by the Patriots, will also join the offensive staff, so that tells you all you need to know.

With New England clearly scrambling to find answers on offense, should they turn to Chiefs’ whisperer Eric Bieniemy as a potential solution in light of the reported disconnect between him and Patrick Mahomes?

Should Patriots steal Eric Bieniemy from Chiefs after reported disconnect with Patrick Mahomes?

The heavily-sourced report (so they say), published by Chiefs Kingdom, has since been deleted, but it claimed that Bieniemy and Mahomes do not get along and Bieniemy’s ego has prevented him from getting a head coaching job the last few offseasons.

How deep does Bieniemy’s and Mahomes’ beef go? Well, one source suggested the four-year offensive coordinator has held a grudge against Mahomes ever since the Chiefs got embarrassed by the Buccaneers in last year’s Super Bowl.

Essentially, the story claimed Bieniemy believes the team’s lowly offensive performance in that game, which can be attributed to Kansas City’s offensive line being decimated by injuries, resulted in him failing to get a HC job during the 2021 hiring cycle.

Per the report, the friction between Bieniemy and Mahomes lingered into 2021 and came to a head during the AFC Championship Game.

A timeout dispute in the waning moments of the first half provoked a confrontation heading to the locker room, and things only worsened in the second half after Mahomes and Andy Reid brought Bieniemy’s gameplan into question.

With Bieniemy out of a contract, he’s set to meet with Reid in the near future to determine his future with the organization. It’s tough to imagine him returning to Arrowhead in light of this report, but stranger things have happened.

However, in the event that Bieniemy and the Chiefs agree to go their separate ways, the Patriots should absolutely give him a call. At the end of the day, he’s one of the more innovative offensive minds in the NFL, and it’s fair to say the Patriots are desperate to find a worthy replacement for McDaniels.

By hiring Bieniemy, Belichick could shift his focus back to the defensive side of the ball instead of giving his son Steve and Jerod Mayo the keys like he did in the second half of 2021, which was clearly a poor decision in retrospect.

For all of the uncertainty concerning the Patriots’ coaching staff, swiping Bieniemy from the Chiefs would help restore order in Foxborough.

Should Patriots swipe Eric Bieniemy from Chiefs after reported disconnect?