June 24, 2021

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SKOL Support Overwhelms West Coast Game

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SKOL Support Overwhelms West Coast Game

“Pregame, it felt like we were at home – in a different environment, obviously, but it was a home-type of feeling. It’s always been great to see our fans on the road this year – it’s been better than I’ve ever seen it as a Viking. So it definitely helps us, we definitely appreciate that, and we’re going to need them on Monday night.”

“I didn’t really see any baby blue jerseys, but I saw a lot of purple. You’re always happy when you get your fans to come out. It was kind of loud in there, too. I don’t know how many it sat, but I saw a lot of purple. It had us fired up and ready to go.”

“This was a home game for us, really. The fans were crazy today. I had 36 tickets today, so they accounted for a little bit. It was nice having that support, but it’s been like that everywhere. I’m happy we were able to put a good product out there today.”

— LB Anthony Barr, who grew up in Los Angeles

“We joked afterward and said, ‘It looks like somebody decided to move U.S. Bank to the West Coast.’ We were excited for that, but we knew we had to come out and play.”


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