May 25, 2022

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Stephen Jones argues Dak Prescott’s role as…

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Stephen Jones argues Dak Prescott's role as...

With every organization, all eyes are often on the quarterback more than any other player on the roster. The quarterback runs the offense, leads the team, and usually makes the most money. However, there is arguably no quarterback under more public scrutiny than Dallas Cowboys leader Dak Prescott. When you are at the helm of America’s Team, every move you make will be judged. Some fans are entirely over Prescott and beg for him to be traded or released. Others believe that he is a fourth-rounder turned franchise leader.

Last year was a rough one for Prescott. After returning from a gruesome ankle injury, he started the season strong. The Mississippi State product was even in MVP talks early on. But, as the season went on and the team started to struggle, so did Prescott. The Cowboys’ QB was booed and complained about. To make matters worse, the owner of his team, Jerry Jones, even admitted that he was in a slump.

Despite fans continually denouncing him and his inability to lead his team past the first round of the playoffs, Prescott actually had a statistically impressive season. He threw for 4,449 yards (the second-highest in his career after throwing for 4,902 in 2019) and 37 touchdowns. Those 37 touchdowns were a new single-season franchise record. Keep in mind that Prescott missed a game with a calf strain, too.

Now, fully healthy for the first time in multiple years after a cleanup offseason surgery on his non-throwing shoulder, Prescott is “pumped” for offseason programming. Last year at this time, he was just excited to be able to start walking well again. This year, he’s already throwing with his receivers and ready to go. Although Jerry Jones previously accused the QB of a slump, EVP Stephen Jones recently told 105.3 The Fan that the one thing people don’t need to worry about with Dallas is the fact that Prescott can lead this football team.

Stephen Jones has ‘utmost confidence’ that Dak Prescott is the leader of the Cowboys

Stephen and Jerry Jones not quite being on the same page about something is far from breaking news. This particular quote came in light of Stephen Jones being grilled about the front office’s unexciting, unhelpful, and odd choices made this offseason. It feels a bit odd that the one thing he wants fans to have confidence in is a quarterback who, despite the stats, did struggle at times last year. Think about the final play of the game versus San Francisco or the irresponsible passes in easy games.

To be fair, Jones doesn’t say he has confidence that Prescott will get wins and change his play. He just mentions his leadership ability. The Cowboys’ QB is certainly a great leader. He never fails to speak highly of his teammates and is always seen on the sideline pumping up the huddle before a game. But leadership alone doesn’t win Super Bowls. And, the scrutiny will come when you’re getting paid a massive four-year, $160 million contract extension.

Prescott may be a great role model as a philanthropist and captain, but at the end of the day, he has to play as well as he leads. If the 28-year-old can use this healthy offseason to improve his game and establish connections with his receivers, he just may be able to earn the respect back of his doubters in Cowboys Nation.

Stephen Jones argues Dak Prescott’s role as Cowboys leader is non issue