May 18, 2021

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Super Bowl LV Discussion | Football Outsiders

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Super Bowl LV Discussion | Football Outsiders

I have a question about a…

I have a question about a season-long trend. I feel like I’ve seen more players handing the ball back to the ref after the play is over than I saw in seasons past.

Could be just what I’m observing. Maybe, with less crowd shots available, cameras stay longer on players. Or the particular games I saw had a few running backs that just do that as their regular thing so I saw it more often.

Or maybe there has been an increase, and it can be explained by something else. Player’s Association guidelines, new batch of coaches, maybe the refs got together before the season and sent out flowers to all the skill position guys.

Anybody else notice this? I feel like it went up from like 60% to 80%, so the difference is subtle, but I noticed it over multiple weeks, hence my question.