May 21, 2022

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That could be in his future at some point

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That could be in his future at some point

Dear Football Abby: Talking football with family and friends who not only don’t take the time to understand the cap even a little bit but, in some cases, choose to act like it doesn’t exist at all can be frustrating. Am I wrong to feel this way? Are they right to just pretend it doesn’t it exist? What do you do when encountering friends, family or, God forbid, other sports journalists that act as if the cap and cap management is nothing of importance when discussing professional football?

What do I do? Hit delete.

Any good company, organization or team must allow its employees opportunities to grow, advance, seek career moves when presented. That said, how concerning is it that so many key, young talented assistant coaches are moving on now? To me, it signals they know something fans do not as the team transitions into the 2022 season. Thoughts?

Not at all. Success has its pitfalls. Hackett got a chance to be a head coach. Getsy got a chance to be an offensive coordinator calling plays, which he wasn’t going to get in Green Bay with LaFleur as play-caller. LaFleur has only one offensive coordinator position, which went to Stenavich, so Outten got that title somewhere else. It’s just the nature of the business, and coaches have to strike while the iron is hot. Another opportunity is never guaranteed.

All the coaching changes have been dizzying. I have no idea what impact it has on AR12’s decision, but from a pure coaching quality standpoint, this seems to speak volumes about the success ML and his staff have had, and how popular this offensive system is. Everyone wants to drink this juice. Hopefully, AR12 isn’t thirsty for a change in flavor. Just thinking about 2019, it would take him time to acclimate to a new system and fully master it. At 38, is that what he wants now?

I think that’s one of many factors he’ll be considering. I said back in 2019 upon LaFleur’s hiring that working to master a new offense might be just the challenge Aaron Rodgers needs to re-energize him and maximize his talents as the latter portion of his career arrives. Two MVPs after a year of transition has proven that to be true. Three years later it’s a different calculation, although another system change might not be as wholesale or drastic as the last one.

Christopher from Frederick, MD

“What are you going to do to push this team over the edge?” Can we get Mr. Gary a “C” for his chest next year, please?

That could be in his future at some point, but the most important thing is what he said himself – that taking on a greater leadership role, defined or not, won’t change how he goes about his business.

Jacob from Greenfield, WI

What are your thoughts on two different head coaches alleging that they were offered money to lose games over the course of the season?

It’s alarming and disturbing, and the allegations need to be investigated thoroughly. I would think the league’s other owners would not want their brethren incentivizing tanking. The integrity of the sport and its competition means everything to its long-term viability, which directly correlates to the value of the owners’ franchises. Controversial calls by officials and the now accepted league association with gambling might create integrity questions here and there, but this is much, much bigger.

No mentions of the Brian Flores suit? This seems like the most egregious example of “just checking the box” in years. And why in the world would you tell Bill Belichick who you’re going to hire while you’re still “interviewing” candidates? You all seemed as shocked as I was that the Dolphins let him go, but the news coming out makes the shock a little less shocking. Paying a head coach to lose? Sheesh.

Just to clarify, I had finished Wednesday’s column before the news of the suit had broken and all the responses had been issued, so I apologize for being a day late (and probably a dollar short for many of you, but what else is new). There’s a lot to unpack in this lawsuit and it’s going to take some time, but it appears it’ll be time well spent. I’m not sure, though, why the league would issue a statement saying the claims are “without merit” before even looking into them. That bothers me as well.

Mike answered my question on the rarity of two overall No. 1 draft picks opposing each other in the Super Bowl. Here is a follow-up. Both Stafford and Burrows have losing records as a regular-season starting QB. Has this ever happened before in Super bowl history?

Not to my knowledge. I thought Kerry Collins vs. Trent Dilfer might fit the bill, but alas, Dilfer finished his career 58-55, and was above .500 at the time he won that Super Bowl with Baltimore.