July 27, 2021

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The bumper sticker was finally right

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The bumper sticker was finally right

John Kuhn. Need I say more?

Without a doubt, it is Jamaal Williams. Putting aside the fact that he is a phenomenal athlete and teammate, that attitude and smile are infectious. Every single interview, Instagram post and comment makes me smile. One moment he’s talking “Frozen II,” the next he’s raving about anime and cracking jokes. Oh, and he appears to be a great father atop all that. I’ll FedEx him an invite if I have to. That man would be the life of any party.

No question about which Packer I would invite for the pure fun of it – the late Max McGee would be most interesting. I would want to learn about his interactions with Coach Lombardi during training camps and game days. And his night out prior to arguably being the MVP in the first NFL-AFL Championship game.

I would definitely want to party with B.J. Raji, it was hilarious when he did the hip swivel against the Bears in the NFC Championship Game. It seemed like he was quite the character.

Mike from White House, TN

I would love to hang out with Za’Darius! He seems like the kind of guy who would keep everyone laughing all night!

Hearing some interviews with LeRoy Butler I have to be believe he would make it a really fun party. Who knows, we might even end up with a new celebration.

Carmen from Trimbach, Switzerland

Which Packers I’d invite to a party? Wes, Spoff and Larry. It would be so much fun to hear about all the little stories that aren’t published anywhere.

If you were going to live on a secluded island, what five Packers-related items would you take with you?

Michael from Granite City, IL

Packers helmet (in case of falling coconuts), Packers hammock, Packers grill, Packers cheese grater (to grate coconuts) and packers.com app on cell phone (Editor’s note: I appreciate how 85% of those who answered this question turned it into a tailgate. Wonderful).

Patrick from Hampshire, IL

Any of Cliff Christl’s books. A Blu-ray documentary of their championships (with TV and BR player). A Packers trivia book. My football with the 2010 team’s autographs. My Packers pillow that my wife made for me.

Kyle from West Valley, UT

My wife, my dog, my truck, a hoody and a hat. You’re probably wondering how those first three are Packers related. My first date with my wife was watching the Packers shut out the Jets 9-0 on Halloween 2010. My dog is named Vince (after you-know-who), and my truck has a Packers sticker.

I would include a Packers cooler, bean bag toss, football, Aaron Rodgers and Lombardi. I’d love to pick their brains.

If I were on a secluded island, I would want my phone with the Packers app to keep up on Packers Insider Inbox, a cheesehead because it has been known to save lives, Ray Nitschke’s helmet from the Hall of Fame to protect me collecting coconuts, Packers canopy and five-piece knife set from the Pro Shop.

I would take my cheesehead, my Josh Jackson autographed football earned from Packers Perks, my Reggie White jersey (favorite player of all time), my 1991 Stadium Club Brett “Farve” rookie card, and my replica 2010 Super Bowl ring.

Packers Internet, 1919 restaurant, Bart Starr jersey, helmet and pillow.

Michael from Chanhassen, MN

I would take or have my Packers folding chair and Packers umbrella (I am assuming I would be in a hot or warm climate), my Packers water bottle (to catch the rain with), my Packers cards deck (lots of solitaire in my future) and (Editor’s note: we stopped Michael here).

I only need two: All of my Packers memories. A TV to watch them make new memories.

What’s the first time you remember the Packers making you cry?

The first time the Packers made me cry was right after the Super Bowl XXXI victory. I was too young to remember the Lombardi years and became a fan around 1970 and never thought I would be able to see them win a Super Bowl. I was overwhelmed with happiness and relief.

When the Packers won Super Bowl XLV is when I remember being emotional. Just seeing the smile on my dad’s face was priceless. He has watched the Packers as long as I can remember, including the lean years, and to be able to watch that game with him is something I’ll always remember. What a great memory to have.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

I felt like crying good tears when Yancey Thigpen of the Steelers dropped the pass in the end zone. That gave the Packers their first division title in 23 years.

The one time I cried was the Packers’ first game against Nagy as head coach of Da Bears. I was frustrated with our performances and at one time I blurted out we just may as well have Brett Hundley in the game. The next play Aaron went down. My dad told me, “Careful what you ask for; you just got it.” When Aaron came back to win the game I cried tears of joy and proclaimed I’ll never say something like that again.

My parents told me I made them Packers fans during the Lombardi years because I was a cranky baby who became quiet and content watching the Packers play. That means from ages 7 to 29 there weren’t many Glory Days. The Pack brought tears to my eyes watching the NFC Championship win over the Carolina Panthers and get back to the Super Bowl. The bumper sticker was finally right, “The Pack was Back!”

I cried sweet tears of joy after Super Bowl victory over Patriots ending very long drought of titles. I was 44 back then and a Packers fan since about 1965. The real America’s team (not that we want that moniker anyway!)

Brandon from Imperial, MO

The Brett Favre Raiders game on Monday night after Big Irv passed away. My own father had passed 16 months earlier and sometimes the Packers were the only thing we could agree on (I was 26 and he was 56 when he passed). I waited for the game thinking the fans would be horrible – it is Oakland after all – but they were mostly supportive and kind. Watching him battle and celebrate made me and my sister cry as we watched together.


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