April 17, 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys and the race for the NFC East…

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The Dallas Cowboys and the race for the NFC East...

With the Dallas Cowboys facing New York Giants this Monday. This kicks off their toughest stretch of games this season with the Eagles right on their heels.

The Dallas Cowboys are facing their toughest test. And it isn’t the New York Giants on Monday night. It’s their schedule.

With the Philadelphia Eagles beating the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the Birds continue to keep the pressure on the Cowboys to stay ahead of them in the division. A tough ask for any team. Especially with Dallas’ schedule ahead of them.

The Giants are just the beginning. And I say that because this is a completely different team from the team they played in Week One. Their offense is more explosive with rookie quarterback Daniel Jones under center, giving them a better chance to hang with a Cowboys’ offense that has been up and down this season. This is a team that Dallas can’t afford to sleep on.

From there, the Cowboys will go on to face the Vikings, Lions, Patriots, Bills, Bears, Rams, and Eagles. All teams with a combined record of 29-17-1. A tough stretch that would be challenging for any team in the league mid-way through the season. And to make this worse, during that stretch of games, the Cowboys will have to play the Bills on a short week after playing the Patriots four days earlier.

Compare that to the Eagles who have a bye next week but then will have to play the Patriots, Seahawks, Dolphins, Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys, teams with a combined record of 23-26. You can see that is isn’t nearly as tough as what Dallas will face over the next few weeks. This will give the Eagles the ability to hang with the Cowboys in the race for the division title.

Dallas has very little margin for error from now until the end of the season unless Philly has a full meltdown over the next seven weeks. They are going to have to hope for a lot of good things to go their way because this looks like a race that is going to last the rest of the season.

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So, Dallas Cowboys, it’s time to start your engines and keep your foot on the gas because whichever teams doesn’t win the division will be sitting on the coach during the playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys and the race for the NFC East division title

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