August 1, 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys are trying to ‘build it’ the…

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The Dallas Cowboys are trying to 'build it' the...

The Dallas Cowboys continue to bolster their defensive front line this offseason. It shows that they are trying to build their team the right way.

The Dallas Cowboys know this, but the old saying goes that you start with a good quarterback and a defensive front that can somehow rush the opposing quarterback and you’ve started to put together a winning formula.

Well, it takes a bit more than that though. You can either ask Matthew Stafford, a good quarterback who has had a pass rush at times, but not much else around him.

You can also ask a guy like J.J. Watt, who is a dominant pass rusher in his own right and has had other things around him. “Things” in the form of other pass rushers, a decent quarterback at times, and offensive talent to surround that quarterback, but still hasn’t managed to be able to win the big one.

What all that is intended to say is that although a decent to good quarterback and a pass rush are typically needed to win a Super Bowl, they aren’t the only elements that a team needs to win.

Again, the Dallas Cowboys know this but what they are doing with their defensive front should only allow every other aspect of that team to be better. Let me explain.

The Dallas Cowboys really improved their defensive front this offseason. Let me tell you why that is a great thing for everyone else on the team as well.

The impact on the rest of the defense is pretty easy to identify. When thinking about the linebackers, the talent out front should make their jobs pretty cut and dry, as they should have to cover their responsibilities and fill the open holes left by the lineman.

When thinking about the secondary, their job should become that much easier as well, in theory. The shorter the amount of time that the opposing quarterback has to hang on to the ball before throwing it, the shorter the amount of time it is that the defensive back has to cover the wide receiver, thus giving them a better chance at success.

When you look at the offensive side of the ball, the impact is more passive, but there is still an impact. Whether it be the shorter fields to work with or the less points that they have to be absolutely responsible to score to win the game, the bolstered front seven unit and depth should have a vast impact there for them as well.

The Dallas Cowboys have a “decent to good” quarterback, regardless of where he falls on that scale for you, and they now have a more than formidable front line defensive unit that should be able to generate a consistent pass rush.

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That’s why you say that the Cowboys are trying to ‘build it’ the right way, or at least that’s the way it seems from the outside looking in. The deployment of the new and improved defensive front should be a sight to behold unfold. Now, we wait to see if the season will go on as planned.

The Dallas Cowboys are trying to ‘build it’ the right way

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