June 21, 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys defense must fix their problems…

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The Dallas Cowboys defense must fix their problems...

The Dallas Cowboys defense has been terrible so far in 2019. If the Cowboys want to be a true contender, the defense must make the adjustments.

Coming into the 2019 season, the Dallas Cowboys were thought to be one of the NFL’s best defenses. So far this season, especially lately, the Cowboys are nowhere near that. The Dallas defensive woes start with the run game. In the past two weeks, the Cowboys have failed to consistently shut down the run game.

Against the Vikings, you could make the excuse that running back Dalvin Cook is one of the leagues best rushers. But against the Lions, there is no way former Cowboy Bo Scarbrough and backup quarterback Jeff Driskel should be able to put up solid rushing yards against a “good” defense.

A very concerning part of the run defense is the tackling, especially by the linebackers. Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch were supposed to be the best linebacking duo in the NFL but it is safe to say they have taken a step back in 2019.

LVE has been a terrible this year in the open field, somewhere he excelled last year in his rookie season. He has consistently missed open-field tackles all season and on a lot of those plays, he doesn’t even come close to bringing the opposing player down. If the Cowboys are serious about becoming contenders in the extremely difficult NFC, Jaylon and LVE need to start playing as they did in 2018.

In the passing game, the Cowboys secondary has not been terrible, but not stellar by any means. They usually get off the field when they absolutely have to, but so far in 2019, they have given up big plays through the air, something that does not usually happen in a Rod Marinelli defense. The secondary has managed four intercessions so far through 10 games, which ranks T-30 in the NFL.

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If Dallas wants to win the NFC East and make a deep run in the playoffs, the defense needs to turn back the clock to 2018 learn how to dominate a game once again. All in all, the Cowboys are back in first place in the NFC East. They will head up to Foxborough to face the 9-1 Patriots next Sunday.

The Dallas Cowboys defense must fix their problems … and fast

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