June 30, 2022

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The easiest stretch of games on the Cowboys’ 2022…

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The easiest stretch of games on the Cowboys' 2022...

We already know that, according to metrics sent out by the NFL, the Cowboys are said to be tied with the Washington Commanders for the easiest 2022 schedule in the league. The Los Angeles Rams unsurprisingly have the toughest schedule, a common thread for teams who win a Super Bowl the prior season. However, what the opponent win percentage doesn’t show is a few seriously tough games on the Dallas Cowboys docket.

The Cowboys will have to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Los Angeles Rams all in the first five weeks of the season. Those three are arguably some of the top teams in the league with several impressive players on both offense and defense. So, why do the Cowboys have such an easy schedule? Because they play six teams who had six wins or less last season. The tough games at the beginning of the schedule are heavily overshadowed by some pretty easy wins.

For starters, the Cowboys get to play the NFC East teams twice. The NFC East is often considered one of the easiest divisions in the NFL. That sends their schedule difficulty way down. Dallas also gets to play teams from two of the other weaker divisions. The NFC North was easily won by the Packers last year. The Week 10 matchup against Green Bay will be tough, but the Lions and Bears should be easy Ws for Dallas. The AFC South was also dominated by one team. The Titans will be a difficult contest, but the Jaguars and Texans should be even easier victories than playing the Eagles.

The other thing to note is that an easy schedule doesn’t mean a Lombardi Trophy. Dallas went 12-5 last year and still couldn’t make a playoff push. America’s Team needs to not let the schedule strength deter them from focusing on the ultimate goal.

Which stretch of games on the Cowboys’ 2022 regular season will be the easiest?

It was tough to pick the easiest patch of games simply because the standout difficult matchups are sprinkled throughout the season. However, we believe Weeks 12-15 should be the easiest. The nice thing about having a simpler stretch towards the end of the season is that hopefully, the Cowboys will be able to pad their record to help their playoff standings.

In Weeks 12-15, the Cowboys have three home games in a row before a road game in Jacksonville on Week 15. Even though we are deeming this the easiest stretch, it certainly doesn’t mean these games won’t come with challenges. Let’s go through the matchups:

Week 12 – New York Giants at home on Thanksgiving: In theory, any game against the Giants should be easy. They did add some key components in the draft, but the Cowboys are still the better overall team. This will also be the second time Dallas takes on their NFC East rival, so the team should be fully prepared to take down the Giants and then eat some turkey.

Week 13 – Indianapolis Colts at home: All eyes will be on the Colts and Cowboys in this Sunday Night Football game. While the Colts are likely the most formidable of the opponents during this stretch, Dallas and DC Dan Quinn certainly know a lot about Matt Ryan. Indy is a good team, but certainly has struggled on the road and could fall to Dallas under the bright lights.

Week 14 – Houston Texans at home: If there is any home run game (aside from maybe the game against the Lions) this season, it has to be this one. Sure, there will be more animosity as the Cowboys face “the other Texas team,” but Houston has been on the struggle bus for several seasons. This should be an easy W at home.

Week 15 – Jacksonville Jaguars away: Road games are never easy, but this is arguably Dallas’s easiest away game outside of the NFC East. The Jaguars have made big moves in firing Urban Meyer and securing high-level talent, but it’s hard to imagine this team making that big of a turnaround. Hopefully, this away game gives the Cowboys a big confidence boost to end the rest of their season strong.