September 19, 2021

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The Indianapolis Colts saw WR Parris Campbell,…

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The Indianapolis Colts saw WR Parris Campbell,...

How’d the film session go when looking at that one earlier this week?

“He got as much grief as you would imagine,” left tackle Anthony Castonzo said. “He got a deserved amount of grief.

“I don’t know what happened, but he went down. It was pretty funny.”

Pascal, meanwhile, lamented his trick play opportunity due to the fact Hines was wide open, and his pass attempt sailed over the running back’s head — especially after underthrowing Hines all week in practice.

Pascal, too, was getting grief from teammates Wednesday.

“Zach messed up his all-time-career-ever day,” Ebron said with a laugh.

But the plays are also indicative of the unpredictable nature of Reich’s offense.

“It was just great, man. It’s just great to see — who do you really have to guard in this offense, you know? Who?” Ebron said. “I mean, everybody’s doing something. So it’s so much fun, especially when you get to see players like Zach, a grinder, come in and spread his wings, really. That’s what he did. He just spread his wings and became something more than what people bargained for. So I appreciate all of them.”

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