May 21, 2022

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There have been only four

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There have been only four

What are the requirements for players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to be recognized by the Packers and have their name on the “ring of honor” in Lambeau Field? One player whom I feel should be in the “ring of honor” is Emlen Tunnel. While he did not play the majority of his career in Green Bay, he was an important part of Lombardi’s success, and especially helpful with integrating African American players into Lombardi’s teams, who were major contributors to his success as a coach.

I don’t know if the Packers have a specific service-time requirement for the HOFers whose names go up on the façade, or if it’s more about their accomplishments while in Green Bay, or some combination of the two. But there’s also something to be said for respecting another team’s much stronger claim to a HOFer. While I understand what you’re saying about Tunnel, he played three years for the Packers after 11 with the Giants. What he did in Green Bay did not get him to Canton, it was what he did in New York. Jan Stenerud played four seasons with the Packers, who don’t claim him, and as I noted earlier this week, I don’t expect the Packers to claim Julius Peppers (three seasons) either.

One Super Bowl does not a Hall of Famer make unless you are Joe Namath. He’s been living off that one game for more than 50 years.

That’s a common line of thinking but it’s a bit unfair, even if you’re mistakenly ignoring how significant Super Bowl III was in football history. Namath’s resume includes five Pro Bowls, four All-Pro nods (one first team, three seconds), third in the MVP voting three years after he won SBIII, and three times leading the league in passing yards. He was a tad more than just some Ordinary Joe who happened to win one big game.

Jeb from Sault Ste. Marie, MI

I feel like it’s time for reflection and gratefulness, and I’m goin’ way back! How lucky are we to be in a division where we could have watched Walter Payton (the most determined), Barry Sanders (the most exciting), and Adrian Peterson (the most talented)? Three historically great running backs. And having two first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks in a row on our squad? Sheesh, that’s priceless!

There have been only four players among the Packers’ NFC North foes to win Associated Press MVPs in the 65-year history of the award, and you just named three of them. (Correction: The total is five not four. The author regrets the error.)

In response to Matt from Fort Worth. Clay Matthews should go in the HOF for ripping the ball out of Adrian Peterson’s hands and running it in (I think), just as the announcers were raving about AP’s extreme grip. I jumped out of my seat that day I can tell you.

That might be the most stunning defensive touchdown I’ve ever witnessed.

Giorgio from Monza, Italy

Spoff, about your answer to Mike from Toronto about sacks: Do they also keep somehow track of the down they occurred on? As you said, a sack on first down is OK, but on third down it’s huge.

I’ve never seen that tracked in any official capacity, but I think it would be meaningful to know with any player’s sack total how many occurred on third down.

How does the league determine the uniforms for the Super Bowl? Would the NFL ever allow throwbacks for the big game?

They haven’t, but maybe for Super Bowl LXXV (I think that’s 75), if it involves two clubs that have been around for the entire Super Bowl era, they’d have them both wear throwbacks. Then again, maybe not.

Spof – what is your most treasured piece of Packers memorabilia that you currently own and what is on your wish list?

I’ve never considered a wish list appropriate since putting a certain piece of jewelry in a safety deposit box about a decade ago. I’m forever grateful for what I have. But something else I take greater pride in is the Super Bowl book “One,” for which I wrote much of the text and also worked with Charles Woodson to ghostwrite his foreword. I got to personally deliver Woodson his copy and had him autograph the foreword page in mine.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

I know a lot changes from year to year, but one thing that doesn’t look like a higher degree of difficulty next year is the schedule. The Packers in 2021 played the AFC North and NFC West, two very tough divisions (which provided the teams for the Super Bowl). Next year they play the AFC East and NFC East, as well as Tampa without Tom Brady. Still some good teams, but not as top-to-bottom scary. Would this ever influence the choice to take another shot with No. 12 versus rebuilding?