July 26, 2021

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‘There’s no quit in me’

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‘There’s no quit in me’

Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Josh Gordon hasn’t given up on his NFL dreams just yet. Gordon is hopeful for a return, despite his indefinite suspension for violating the league’s policies on substance abuse and performance-enhancing drugs.

“There’s no quit in me, at least I’m thankful for that, and knowing how to get back on track has been my strong suit,” Gordon told ESPN’s the Adam Schefter Podcast on Tuesday. “What has been deemed once my weakness I can credit for helping me move forward in life.”

Gordon, who was released by the Seahawks ahead of the start of the new league year so he could join the Fan Controlled Football league, has remained in Washington state and has been training in Bellevue.

“Anybody can be really good at the game, but you don’t necessarily want to be seen as an (expletive), pardon my language, off the field,” Gordon explained. “So for me I try to keep it real so what you see and what you hear is as honest as it gets. Not to say I’m the most honest person, but I learned at a certain point in time I kind of got to cut out a lotta B.S. in my life.

“So you’re getting a guy that’s focused, at this age, this late in my career, most importantly you’re getting a great wide receiver.”

Ex-Seahawk Josh Gordon hopes to return to NFL: ‘There’s no quit in me’