July 27, 2021

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They have their best football still ahead of them

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They have their best football still ahead of them

Who are your all-time underrated Packers? My top five are Gale Gillingham, Bobby Dillon, Doug Evans, Robert Brown, and Ed West.

Evans, Gillingham, Lynn Dickey, Bryce Paup and Keith Jackson, whose name doesn’t get brought up nearly enough when talking about those ’95-’96 Packers teams.

Good morning! I remember Chris Banjo was a veteran who provided invaluable leadership on special teams. Who is that for the Packers now?

Catching up on II, Wes – only two AP All-Pros at QB since Bart Starr? We must not be counting second team. Poor Magic Man.

Of course I missed that. Second-team counts. My apologies.

In your opinion, wouldn’t it be prudent for all teams to have all of their players tested for COVID by July 15, so that anyone who tests positive could quarantine for 14 days and be cleared before training camp begins? Sounds to me like a good idea.

Sure, but that’s something the NFL and NFLPA are going to have to work out. I’m sure players will be tested before traveling to their team’s city but the specific timeline is for those two sides to determine.

No question, just a declaration. The WIAA has pushed forward a plan to carry out fall sports. If high school sports can do it, I am no longer optimistic without expectations for the NFL; I am optimistic with expectations. I believe we will get to see the Green and Gold in all its glory this fall.

All the best to the WIAA and high school athletes eagerly looking to resume their respective sports. You shape your expectations however you see fit, but keep in mind we’re all walking around in the dark here trying not to stub our toes.

Rodgers…surveying…fires, that’s caught, Randall Cobb into Chicago territory! Randall Cobb inside the 20-yard line! Randall Cobb…is going to score! 75 yards, that is crazy! A dropped interception by Kyle Fuller just two plays before allowed this moment, part of one of the greatest comebacks of all time, to occur.

I appreciate how the question was asked about a dropped pass by the Packers and then we get 37 questions that begin with “It’s not an offensive player but…Fuller and Brandon Bostick!” Neither of which fit the original criteria.

If you could draft ANY player all-time to play in today’s game, who would that be?

I’m not sure how far you want me to go back but I feel like prime Deion Sanders would’ve been a ton of fun in today’s NFL, with his athleticism, versatility and larger-than-life personality.

Lori from Heredia, Costa Rica

Hey Wes, I’ve heard that having large hands helps the QB grip the ball and that “4” and “12” both have larger hands than most. Mike told us the size of Favre’s hands. What size are Rodgers’?

Please tell me I wasn’t the only reader on Friday who got out the ruler. I would not be a reliable cold-weather quarterback.

I don’t even want to tell you what mine is.

Robert from Georgetown, TX

What a great article by Cliff Christl on the 10 greatest offensive players. With a 101-year history, naming the 10 top players in any category is tough. Many people will say where is Jordy, Driver, Sharpe, Ahman, etc. It could go on and on. My appreciation for the great history of our team continues to swell day by day!

You listed some of the greatest players in Packers history. I think the difference with Cliff’s article is the 10 he names are among the greatest players the league has ever seen. Everyone does top 10 lists but not everyone does top 10 lists well. Cliff has knowledge and awareness to look back at the past 70 years and compile such a tremendous list. He’s a treasure. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

What does our basketball team look like now that Julius Peppers is gone? Is ML’s retirement permanent or could he be coaxed out for one last run?

LaFleur said he’s healthy and playing again. The Packers’ basketball team has taken a hit the past few years. It’s probably Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers and then some question marks.

With baseball being shortened to a 60-game schedule, that makes each game matter that much more. Do you see teams going down to a four-man rotation or at least throwing their No. 1 and 2 more often than they typically do? If you get down five games in the standings, it’ll be hard to come back from that. Can’t wait!

I don’t know. I don’t baseball.


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