July 28, 2021

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They have to prove it when it matters

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They have to prove it when it matters

Matthias from San Antonio, TX

How does defensive coordinator Mike Pettine pay attention to offensive personnel and call plays to defend whatever the offense has before the offense even lines up in formation?

The defensive call is mostly based on personnel and situation (down-and-distance). Then it’s up to the players to communicate and adjust depending on how the offense lines up.

Tony from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Hello II, asking about John Kuhn. Will he be on the scene this year? If not, what happened? Asking for a fan base.

John is currently doing a radio show in Milwaukee and will be joining Wayne and Larry on the game-day radio team as a sideline reporter in the regular season.

Since 2001, the Patriots have been in the Super Bowl eight times, winning five of them. The Steelers have been there three times, and the Broncos and Colts twice each. That’s 15 of the last 20 Super Bowls represented by four teams in the AFC. Throw in the Ravens twice, and that’s 17 games with the same five teams. It’s not so noticeable in the NFC, where the Seahawks, Rams, Eagles, Giants, Panthers, and 49ers have each been there twice (12 games/six teams). What is this “parity” everyone keeps speaking of?

In my mind, parity in the NFL isn’t defined by who wins the championship or makes it to the Super Bowl. It’s defined by how close so many games are, and the opportunities that creates for some near the bottom to rise and others near the top to fall, which is why the playoff fields each year routinely have multiple teams that did not make the postseason the year prior.

Matt from Philadelphia, PA

If the Packers decide to suit up two quarterbacks on game day and those two happen to be Rodgers and Tim Boyle, how much flak will the Packers get for having their first-round pick in street clothes each week, and do you see this as an ongoing distraction throughout the season?

If the fans want to bark about it, that’s their prerogative, but every media member who’s attending practice regularly has seen that Boyle is further along in his development, which is to be expected when a rookie QB gets no on-field offseason program to start his NFL career. That said, I think Love has started to come on the last few days, showing more zip and decisiveness with his throws. LaFleur said Sunday was his best day yet.

Were any bicycles injured in the filming of AJ Dillon riding them?

Green Bay kids’ bikes have overcome tougher challenges, believe me.


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