July 26, 2021

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Those moves defined a generation of Packers…

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Those moves defined a generation of Packers...

I just read that Leonard Fournette is going to re-sign with the Bucs, meaning that all 22 starting members of the championship team are back. How often has something like this happened in the past? How much would you attribute the Bucs’ ability to retain the players they have to the attraction of being associated to the legend of Tom Brady. If you put any other active QB on that team to replace Brady, do they bring everyone back?

It’s rare, especially since teams often will overspend for free agents off Super Bowl squads. What’s even more uncommon is for both teams that advanced to a championship game to keep their rosters intact. The Bucs and Packers have done that, though one team is older and the other skews younger. In 2021, we get to see which team prevails.

Wes, you have written many inspiring and heart touching features about Packers personnel and their families. Thank you for all of them. Are there any insights or seeds of wisdom that have stayed with you and that continue to influence how you regard life and make decisions that you have gleaned from your interviews?

Thank you for the kind words, Sandy. My aim is to show everyone is human. It doesn’t matter if you’re Aaron Rodgers or Emmanuel Byrd. Every player who has stepped foot into that Packers locker room has traveled a long road to get there and they didn’t do it alone. And when I write a story, I want the subject to be the centerpiece of that story – not me. I think writers have lost the plot a little with today’s “Look at me” media landscape. No, it’s not about you. It’s never been about you. It’s always been about the subject and the reader. It’s Mitchell Henry’s story. It’s Tyler Lancaster’s story. It’s not Wes Hodkewicz’s story on Mitchell Henry or Tyler Lancaster. I strive to be the invisible guide telling you a story you haven’t heard before.

Nicholas from Springfield, MO

Seeing Kyler Fackrell sign with the Chargers has me wondering – which team has the most former Packer players currently on their team?

It might be the Chargers (Bryan Bulaga, Corey Linsley, Jared Cook and Fack Nation).

Yoann from Sainte-Julienne, Quebec/Canada

Good morning Insiders. My question is about Marc-Antoine Dequoy. Last year, he was considered as an underdog with great abilities/speed but never had the chance to prove anything like many/all undrafted rookies. Does Green Bay still have a possibility to ask him for a visit or participating in the undrafted rookies sessions this year? Or did Marc-Antoine Dequoy lose his only chance with Green Bay due to the COVID-19 last year and now should only focus on playing CFL and maybe get a phone call?

Dequoy signed in January with the Montreal Alouettes, who owned his CFL rights after drafting him in the second round last year. So, I don’t think he’s eligible to sign with an NFL team this season. I hope it works out for Dequoy and he gets his shot at the NFL. He does have a great story.

Ken form Boynton Beach, FL

Hi Wes, the NFC North Roundtable: How cool was that? I thought it was a cool way to get a perspective from the other NFC North team’s reporters. Thank you for that. It was really enjoyable to watch.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had a blast getting together with everyone, especially after we didn’t get to see each other this season or even in Indianapolis for the combine. Hopefully, it’s something we can do again soon.

Ciao Wes. Mi sento fortunato che adesso, la mia squadra preferita ha firmato un lungo dentice che si chiama Fortunato… Che dici?

Ciao Michael. Immagino che tu fossi un grande fan di Giogio Tavecchio.

How many of your picks made the Sweet Sixteen?

Eight (Zags, Oregon, Michigan, Florida State, Houston, Nova and Baylor).

Jeremy from New Glarus, WI

Wes, I am just finding out you are an MMA fan, which is great as it’s my other favorite sport. Who is your favorite active fighter, and your favorite retired fighter?

I have two favorites – Ryan Hall and Demian Maia (although Maia is almost retired). My favorite retired fighter is Chael Sonnen.