March 4, 2021

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Three Patriots’ players made the 2019 NFL All-Pro…

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Three Patriots' players made the 2019 NFL All-Pro...

Stephon Gilmore, Matthew Slater, and Joe Thuney were all voted on the 2019 All-Pro roster for 2019.

The 2019 NFL All-Pro roster was released today and it featured three Patriots‘ players on it. Stephon Gilmore and Matthew Slater were named on the first team, and Joe Thuney was named on the second team. Stephon Gilmore was one of two players who were voted unanimously by all 50 voters, the other being New Orleans Saints’ wide receiver, Michael Thomas.

Making the All-Pro team is an extremely prestigious award and is something a lot of players will never experience in the NFL. It’s a symbol that a player is at the apex of his position among his peers and is recognized for his excellence. Gilmore being unanimously voted by all 50 voters is an enormous accomplishment, but was well deserved. He solidified his dominance over opposing offenses and made teams game plan around him because he was always going to take away their number one receiver.

Matthew Slater has been named first team All-Pro for the fifth time in his career. It is highly unlikely that a special teamer would ever get voted into the Hall of Fame, but if there was one who desired it, it’s Matthew Slater. Along with his five first team All-Pro selections, he has eight pro bowl nods, and second team All-Pro selection as well. Add all that up and throw three Super Bowl rings on top of that and those are the ingredients of a surefire Hall of Famer.

Joe Thuney may have been the only Patriot on the list not to make the first team, but hid All-Pro selection may serve to be most important. In a year where it seems the Patriots’ offensive line has been in shambles at times, Joe Thuney’s play has not gone unnoticed. He has proven that he is in the upper echelon of offensive lineman, regardless of position. Most importantly, he is doing all of this in his contract year. This means his current contract with the Patriots expires after this season and will be in the market for a new, and bigger deal.

This is a huge accomplishment for all players who were voted on this team. The hard work and dedication to their craft paid off and now they have something to show for it. It is good top see the Patriots well represented on this roster, and with three guys who certainly deserved it. Hopefully in the future the Patriots can continue to be named on this list.

Three Patriots’ players made the 2019 NFL All-Pro roster

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