September 27, 2021

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Time for Jets to see what actually works and scrap…

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Time for Jets to see what actually works and scrap...

The Jets will enjoy their first victory of the 2020 season on Sunday.

Because they cannot lose.

They have no game.

The Jets can’t lose again and fall to 0-5 … not until next Sunday, when they play the Cardinals, anyway.

The Jets, at 0-4 and with no hope of ending their playoff drought at a decade, have little choice at this point, with 12 remaining games, but to make do with what they have.

They have a few options, beginning with tanking the rest of the way to position themselves for the No. 1 overall draft pick and Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Along the way, they can see what they have on the roster that’s salvageable.

They can gather more information — as much as they can with a roster that’s not stocked with offensive skill-position talent — about quarterback Sam Darnold.

They can figure out whether he is the franchise quarterback we’ve all assumed he is, or whether the last three years is a proper sample size to peg him as a solid player who’s not special.

This is about all the Jets have left to play for in 2020: Finding out more about what they have, who they want to keep and weeding out the players who won’t help them in the future.

Jets fans, who embrace Adam Gase about as much as they cherish a visit to the DMV or the dentist, held out some hope that the head coach would be fired after Thursday night’s home loss to the Broncos.

Joe DouglasBill Kostroun

Fans always want their pound of flesh, their scapegoat, for messes created. And make no mistake: The 2020 Jets are a mess — rebuilding be damned.

As my Post colleague Brian Costello so accurately pointed out in Saturday’s editions, the one person who’s been skating somewhat scot-free during this ugly first month of the season has been general manager Joe Douglas.

Douglas, hired at an awkward time last year with free agency and the draft having already been completed, was on scholarship last season.

This season, Douglas is paying full tuition, and it’s difficult to decipher whether his fingerprints on the current roster represent a finger painting or an actual plan.

Jets fans have been touting Douglas as the right person for the job as much for his strong background with the Ravens as for the simple fact that they’re desperate for this to work out and are willing it to do so.

But the early results — and, in fairness to Douglas, it is too early to make definitive determinations — have not been great.

The offensive line Douglas reconstructed this past offseason played on Thursday night like it should be deconstructed. Darnold was sacked six times and hit almost twice as many times, and very few holes were opened for the running game.

Pierre Desir, signed to a modest $3.75 million free agent contract, has looked like an adventure at cornerback, which is a position that’s best played adventure-free.

Breshad Perriman, the receiver Douglas signed to replace the one he opted not to re-sign (Robby Anderson), has played a little more than one game and is dealing with a sprained ankle.

Make no mistake, Gase has not done a good job. Not last season and not this season — even when you factor in the rash of injuries the team had endured.

But, if you listen to the word being leaked out of their Florham Park, N.J., facility, Gase is not going anywhere soon — likely not until after the season is complete.

The Jets, when they reconvene, have the chance to get some players back off the injured list. Among those players is running back Le’Veon Bell, the supposed biggest playmaker on offense.

Another is rookie receiver Denzel Mims, who hasn’t even had a full practice yet with the team thanks to a hamstring pull in training camp.

Getting Mims, a second-round draft pick, involved and seeing what he can bring to the offense probably tops the list of things for Jets fans to look forward to in the next three months.

“We’ve got a lot of guys that are coming back from IR and that were injured that are going to help us a lot,” Gase said.

There aren’t enough players returning from that injured list to help salvage 2020. But it’s got to get better than it has been, doesn’t it?

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