January 18, 2022

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‘Tom Brady Experience’ offer spotted at latest…

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'Tom Brady Experience' offer spotted at latest...

The emergence of Mac Jones as the best rookie from the 2021 draft class has helped distract New Engalnd Patriots fans from the fact that former quarterback Tom Brady is still lighting up the NFL at 44 years old.

Through Week 13, Brady ranks first in the league in both passing yards (3,771) and touchdowns (34), as well as second in QBR (66.1). Just another year at the office for Brady, who has the Buccaneers within striking distance of the top seed in the NFC and is likely the leading candidate for the MVP award.

At this stage of his career, Brady doesn’t need help building his brand. However, that hasn’t stopped the seven-time champ from signing off on advertisements for his TB12 apparel and dietary supplements.

The majority of these ads can be seen during television commercials, but we can now add a Donald Trump fundraiser to the mix in regard to places where you can cop some Brady merch … or whatever the heck this thing is.

A poster of former Patriots QB Tom Brady was spotted at a Donald Trump fundraiser.

Is that a poster? More importantly, why does the picture of the Trump-signed bottle look like it was shot by the NFL’s new 8k camera and the Brady “item” look like it was taken by someone who accidentally snapped a photo while taking their phone out of their pocket?

Upon further research, it looks as though fans had a chance to bid to hang with Brady in support of the “This Too Shall Pass Campaign.”

The package, which had expired, according to CharityBuzz, offered folks a roundtrip private jet charter to Naples, FL with Adam Weitsman, a one-night stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, and four field passes and tickets to the Buccaneers-Giants game in November.

It also featured an “afternoon of fun” with Brady at Baker Field in New York, where the four winners could catch a touchdown pass from the three-time MVP and receive a signed photo of the reception.

So, what does all this have to do with the Trump fundraiser? Truth be told, we have no idea. Was the package being offered again? If so, did Brady sanction it to be sold at the fundraiser? Is Weitsman, who flew with Trump to a recent Bitcoin event, reusing old posters in an attempt to screw Brady?

Is that why the picture was so blurry?

This seems to all be a big mystery, but we’re still puzzled by how a seemingly outdated charity offer centered around the Patriots legend made its way to a Trump fundraiser.

‘Tom Brady Experience’ offer spotted at latest Donald Trump fundraiser