August 6, 2021

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Tom Brady repeatedly trolled Donald Trump at White…

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Tom Brady repeatedly trolled Donald Trump at White...

The new Tom Brady seems to have a few different priorities from the one who spent two decades under center with the New England Patriots, huh?

Based on Tuesday’s events, he apparently ditched his old controversial suspected political affinities for a different color. Goodbye red hat, hello creamsicle.

The old Brady didn’t wade his toe into these waters, after all, and was easily persuadable — if you believe the QB’s own story on how a Trump-branded hat made its way into his locker.

The new TB12, though? As you surely already knew from his social media presence, this guy’s got relevant quips for days.

When Brady took to the microphone in front of President Joe Biden, Bruce Arians and his adoring new family of teammates, he had a tight five minutes of standup prepared about the outgoing administration’s current squabbling.

And, we’ve got to say … it ruled. The jokes worked.

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady told some great Donald Trump jokes at the Bucs’ White House visit.

First off, paralleling the entire Kansas City region with the amount of Americans who still don’t believe the rightful champion was standing in front of that podium on Tuesday was well done. A lot of the world still seems to believe if we stare at paper ballots long enough, voter fraud will eventually reveal itself like it’s a Magic Eye puzzle.

Something tells me the Buccaneers who believe that likely weren’t in attendance to hear Brady’s great joke, and are just finding out now on social media.

But again, Brady wasn’t done. He had to sneak some other Trump-y nickname references in under the wire. Because, as you may recall, there were a few times prior to his playoff run where he looked old and slow before gaining steam at the finish line.

Not sure if “President Brady” is a typo there or not (seems intentional), but yes, he got another solid reference in under the wire.

For the record, neither Brady nor Biden have dementia, no matter how many times they occasionally mix up facts in the heat of the moment.

Something tells us most Patriots fans would much rather have this version of Brady’s legacy under their logo, rather than the version of the legendary quarterback that placed Trump hats in his locker before deflecting for four years.

He broke his 16-year White House visit drought with Biden in office. That might mean something, it might mean nothing. But it is true. At the very least, the New Tom Brady can — and will — laugh at anything.

Tom Brady repeatedly trolled Donald Trump at White House visit