September 26, 2021

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‘Tom Brady Rule’ Highlights Proposed Rule Changes

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The NFL and its teams have proposed a dozen new rules—concerning overtime, instant replay, onside kicks, and double-pass plays—for the 2021 season. The potential new rules will be voted on at the owners’ meetings in May. 

One of the most unusual new proposals is the “Tom Brady rule,” which change the penalties for teams that complete two passes in one play. The Rams proposed this rule after Brady and the Buccaneers essentially got away with two completions on one snap against L.A. last season. See this story for a full explanation of how that happened and what the new rule would be. 

Other proposed rule changes include:

  • Assorted changes to onside kicks, or outright replacing onside kicks with a fourth-and-15 play to retain possession.
  • Eliminating overtime in preseason games.
  • Allowing running backs, linebackers, and defensive backs to wear numbers in the single digits.
  • Replacing the overtime coin flip with a spot-and-choose method of establishing field position and possession. 
  • Barring teams from interviewing coaching candidates until after the conference championship games.