October 19, 2021

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Tom Brady selling terrible shirt for return to…

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Tom Brady selling terrible shirt for return to...

Every New England Patriots fan needs to buy this amazing shirt from Tom Brady immediately so that they can toss it in the garbage and prevent a Buccaneers fan from buying this amazing shirt!

We’re not sure what’s gotten into TB12 lately, but dominating on the football field through the age of 55 suddenly isn’t enough for the budding entrepreneur.

From crypto to supplements to probably another dozen futuristic things the average consumer hasn’t even heard of yet, Brady has become quite the diversified shill in his later years.

Apparently, we can now add apparel to the pile.

Brady dropped a line of shirts commemorating his big Sunday night game just in time for the festivities — though, based on recent shipping timelines, there’s, like, no possible way you’ll get them on time.

The only other problem? The shirts we’re seeing are, uh, bad. But other than that, definitely give Tommy your money.

In addition to being unappealing to look at, these shirts further cloud the experience.

Who’s supposed to buy them, after all? Patriots fans who never gave up on Brady? Well, unfortunately, they’ll be rooting for their own team on Sunday night to pull off a much-needed win.

Buccaneers fans traveling up for the game? Do those folks even exist?

Brady diehards who treat fandom of the individual as separate entirely from fans of the team, like a LeBron James situation? I … guess, but those people probably won’t pay the price of admission. After all, despite New England’s 1-2 record, tickets for this moment in history are still going to be awfully pricey.

If you’re among the select few who want to support Brady’s entrepreneurial efforts over your own team, you, too, can make your purchase below. One of the shirts … is yet another reference to the 2000 NFL Draft, which is … insufferable.

Patriots-Buccaneers ticket prices for Tom Brady’s return:

If you’re attending Sunday’s game and you’re a diehard Brady fan, what’s a little $35 shirt to add to the already-ridiculous ticket price? At a certain point, the whole evening is a wash anyway. According to TickPick, the average purchase price has crept all the way up to $1,236, 79% more expensive than anything on record for this franchise, eclipsing Pats-Chiefs in 2017 by leaps and bounds.

The get-in price? $385 for standing room. Might as well make it an even $420 with a plain white shirt you’ll never wear again, huh?

Patriots: Tom Brady selling terrible shirt for return to Gillette