September 19, 2021

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Tom Brady taking nearly $1 million PPP loan is…

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Tom Brady is getting roasted after career-worst...

There are updated PPP loan figures in regards to how much former Patriots QB Tom Brady’s TB12sports received.

Five months ago when the pandemic was raging and there was a lot more uncertainty in the world, we were hit with an intriguing nugget of information pertaining to former New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. His business, TB12 Inc., received upwards of $350K via a PPP loan, which admittedly wasn’t a good look given Brady’s net worth.

Oh, but it gets worse. We have updated figures on the PPP loan and it turns out Brady’s “small business” received nearly $1 million in government assistance. Why is this notable? Because Brady and his wife are worth a combined $600 million and there were countless small businesses across the US that didn’t receive a penny from the government.

It’s safe to say a majority of those business owners aren’t worth anywhere close to seven figures. Brady’s nine figures was enough to secure a bailout, though. America!

And if we want to talk “essential” businesses, TB12 Inc. is hardly one. Wellness tips, at-home workouts, recipes and supplements to support one’s diet shouldn’t exactly be at the forefront of an individual’s needs during a global pandemic, when basic necessities were scarce because people decided to raid the paper towel, toilet paper and water shelves in the super market.

“PPP” stands for Paycheck Protection Program … which is to assist employees of businesses that were in danger of missing payroll as a result of the pandemic. Given that Brady’s TB12sports is said to employ around a dozen people, one could consider that a “small business,” but when your owner is a six-time Super Bowl champion and has hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal, well, that’s not exactly a mom and pop shop.

Brady wasn’t the only high-profile individual who received a PPP loan, so this whole ordeal speaks more to the system in place than it does to the people receiving the assistance.

Even worse? Brady is making the most money he ever has in his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He signed a two-year, $50 million contract last offseason, but apparently one million of that couldn’t be injected into his business to help keep it afloat?

Yup, yup, we get it. “Don’t tell people how to spend their money! How dare you!” But if the morality theme isn’t clear here, then we guess there’s not much else to be said.

Patriots: Tom Brady taking nearly $1 million PPP loan is disgraceful

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