May 21, 2022

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Tom Brady’s agent, TB12 deleted tweet hint…

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Tom Brady trolling Tony Dungy and Colts over...

At the very least, New England Patriots icon Tom Brady has earned the right to announce his future plans himself.

Of course, Adam Schefter, Jeff Darlington and ESPN had to attempt to ruin the party by launching a report about Brady’s impending retirement on Saturday afternoon, taking Pats Nation by surprise.

After all, didn’t Brady intend to play until the age of 45? He’s only 44. Something didn’t add up.

Perhaps he wanted out of Tampa, but planned to end his career with … one final season in New England, mentoring Mac Jones before closing the door on his own terms? A fan can dream.

Regardless, if Brady is retiring, he doesn’t have all his ducks in a row yet.

TB12 has spoken with his current GM, Jason Licht of the Buccaneers, and informed him he has yet to make an official decision on his future.

Patriots icon Tom Brady isn’t ready to announce his retirement just yet.

This report follows a statement from Brady’s agent Don Yee that wasn’t a denial, per se, but also didn’t give any real indication TB12 would be staying active, either.

According to Yee, Brady “knows the realities” of the football calendar, and won’t announce anything until he is ready to.

That seems to indicate you can expect to wait until after the Super Bowl hubbub settles down to hear from Brady himself.

With Yee’s statement came the scrubbing of Brady’s own controlled social media channels.

TB12 Sports, which should theoretically have its finger on the pulse of its boss’ behavior, deleted their tweet commemorating the GOAT’s retirement.

Something tells us Tom was not very happy about having to do this.

Is that enough for you? If not, maybe you’ll believe Tom Brady’s father!

This saga isn’t over yet.

Patriots legend Devin McCourty — who we know wants to play next season, wherever he calls home — might’ve said it best.

Hasn’t Brady earned the right to announce his own fate, instead of having the control of the situation wrestled from him? The disrespect, yet again…

For now, at least, Brady’s “We’re Still Here!” chant rings truer than ever.

Tom Brady’s agent, TB12 deleted tweet hint Patriots legend isn’t done yet