May 20, 2022

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Trey Flowers’ cryptic tweet hints at Patriots…

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Trey Flowers' cryptic tweet hints at Patriots...

DE Trey Flowers rode a disruptive season with the New England Patriots to a massive payday elsewhere, and has now found himself as a cap casualty after struggling to change his new franchise overnight.

Sound familiar? That’s often how it works when cogs in the Patriots machine move on to new cities, from Kyle Van Noy to Trent Brown to Jamie Collins.

More often than not, those Pats exiles end up back on the market … and also back in New England, where they lived out their best days.

Might Flowers become the latest former Patriot to give Bill Belichick a call after being let loose? Based on his latest tweet, he’s ready to embrace the “circle of life,” which could give rise to our theory about a reunion.

Patriots Rumors: New England signing Trey Flowers?

How much of a circle are we talking here, Trey? The kind of circle where you end up back where you began? Or the kind of circle where life is just long, endless, and always looping through the same scenario repeatedly? Like, “back to free agency,” that kind of thing.

Flowers departed New England for a paycheck no human could resist following the 2018 season, securing $56 million guaranteed as part of a $90 million deal overall. He performed admirably when healthy in Detroit, but didn’t play like one of the NFL’s highest-paid defenders, and has found himself without a gig — and with the Pats at a defensive crossroads — entering 2022.

Add in the fact that signing Flowers wouldn’t change the Patriots’ compensatory pick outlook, and you just might have yourself a deal here.

Importing this version of Flowers wouldn’t quite be a mustache-twisting “evil genius” move from Belichick, but any chance you have to get an elite talent after that talent’s been hidden is probably a chance worth taking.

Anticipate a reunion this week, whether this tweet has anything to do with it or not.

Trey Flowers’ cryptic tweet hints at Patriots return?