February 28, 2021

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Two wins, two losses from the Dallas Cowboys last…

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Two wins, two losses from the Dallas Cowboys last...

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This past Sunday, being Week 17, marks the end of the season for the Dallas Cowboys. What are some wins and some losses from this past weekend?

In the last week of the NFL regular season, the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from playoff contention with the Philadelphia Eagles taking what could (and should) have been their spot. The game has a couple of underlying stories tied to it.

Now, let’s take a look at some of them. What are some wins and some losses that come from the Cowboys’ win this past Sunday?

Win: Dallas beats Washington

Why not start with the most obvious win of the weekend, which was that the Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 47-16. That is the most points that Dallas has put on their opponents all season. That’s pretty ironic that now they’re out of the playoffs, isn’t it?

Wide receiver Michael Gallup had another big game with five catches for 98 yards and three touchdowns. Teammate Amari Cooper managed to rack up four catches for 92 yards, but no touchdowns. Then, slot receiver Randall Cobb caught five passes for 81 yards.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott became the 5th Cowboy to rush for 40+ touchdowns after running for 122 yards, one touchdown, while also catching one touchdown. Backup Tony Pollard also managed to pitch in 60 yards himself.

Quarterback Dak Prescott was making a lot of good throws (albeit missing a couple of good looks). He looked decisive and he drove the ball downfield. Throwing for 303 yards and four touchdowns, he had a good game.

Offensively the Cowboys looked amazing. If they weren’t so inconsistent this season I would say they look ready for the playoffs. Oh, wait … that’s awkward, isn’t it?

The Cowboys defense also played well, holding the Redskins to only 16 points. They held quarterback Case Keenum to just under a 50 percent completion percentage, and linebacker Jaylon Smith caught the first interception of his career.

They allowed running back Adrian Peterson to average six yards per carry, and wide receiver Steven Simms to run around them a little too much, but other than that the defense played well. They could have played better, but they played good enough.

Regardless, the first win of the weekend was winning the game and keeping the playoff hopes somewhat alive. Unfortunately for them, it was too late as the Eagles won and secured their spot in the playoffs.

Two wins, two losses from the Dallas Cowboys last game

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