July 28, 2021

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Updates from #49ersCamp, Live Look at Practice…

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Updates from #49ersCamp, Live Look at Practice...

Trent Williams hasn’t played a snap since 2018, and without preseason contests, the left tackle’s first live game reps will occur on September 13 at Levi’s® Stadium for the team’s Week 1 match against the Arizona Cardinals. To prepare for the matchup, Williams has been leaning on teammates to acclimate to Kyle Shanahan’s playbook and knock the rust off on the field. “Me having a year off, I was really looking forward to the preseason just to feel that game atmosphere again and to knock those nerves down a little bit,” Williams said. “But luckily, I do have one of the best rushers in the league to go up against every day. And Nick is better than I even thought he was… It’s a blessing for me, because I’m able to go against him every day. We’re able to talk and walk each other through how we’re thinking, and it’s been a great help to me. I couldn’t even have planned a better camp as far as learning-wise and knocking the rust off.” Read More >>>


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