June 24, 2021

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Von Miller taking young pass-rush stars under his…

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Von Miller taking young pass-rush stars under his...

Though Pro Bowl practices are not quite known for their rigor, Miller went into great detail at times when talking with players from his position group, including Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt, who previously spent time learning from Miller at last year’s Pro Bowl.

“[H]e’s one of the best to rush the passer,” Watt said. “He’ll be in the Hall of Fame one day, so to be able to take any information from him has been awesome.”

This kind of tutelage is something Miller has taken to in recent years as he’s become an elder statesman for the craft of quarterback takedowns. Since 2017, Miller has hosted an annual Pass Rush Summit, where he and many of the NFL’s best defensive players share tips and tricks to try to improve their game.

“Von’s just got so much insight in the way he plays the game,” said Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon. “He’s, like, so natural. It’s kind of amazing. So anything that he can teach me and I can pick up, I’m all ears. So, we’ve kind of been working out all week, and he has that Pass Rush Summit. He told me to come down, so I’m going to come down this year. If I can just implement anything that he’s got in his game, I think I can be so much better and I think it would just take my game to another level.”

For Miller, offering advice at the Pro Bowl or at his Pass Rush Summit is just how he gives back to the game and returns the favors that veterans gave him when he was young.

“I just try to pay it forward,” Miller said after Thursday’s practice. “I had a lot of great guys come before me and show me all types of good stuff. It’d be an injustice not to pass down the information to those guys.”


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