June 17, 2021

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We had an interception overturned by the Wizard of…

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We had an interception overturned by the Wizard of...

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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said this offseason that he was more in favor of eliminating replay altogether than expanding it to cover things like pass interference and there’s little chance he’s changed his mind.

Gruden has been unsuccessful in his challenges for pass interference calls and non-calls this season and he had a review go against him after a booth review in Sunday’s 40-9 loss to the Chiefs. An apparent interception in the end zone by cornerback Trayvon Mullen in the third quarter was undone when officials ruled he interfered with Chiefs wideout Demarcus Robinson before picking off Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs went up 31-0 one play later and Gruden lamented the process

“We had an interception we thought we did intercept that was turned over by the Wizard of Oz or somebody,” Gruden said, via Anthony Galaviz of the Fresno Bee. “I don’t know what happened on that. That was a big play in the game no doubt.”

One can understand the frustrations of anyone looking for consistency in the pass interference replay process and one could see a way that the Mullen interception would be a turning point, although it would be an easier exercise had the team found its way onto the scoreboard before the fourth quarter of the game.

Jon Gruden: We had an interception overturned by the Wizard of Oz

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