January 26, 2022

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Week 15 @ Cincinnati Bengals

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Week 15 @ Cincinnati Bengals

The New England Patriots’ losing streak is over, as the team improved to 11-3 after they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 34-13 on Sunday afternoon.

Both the Patriots and the Bengals started the game off hot, as they each exchanged opening drive touchdowns. Later in the first quarter both teams hit a brick wall as they struggled to move the ball and points were hard to come by.

However, very quickly Cincinnati took the lead from the Patriots 10-7 in the first quarter. But as the first half ended, New England took a 13-10 lead and never looked back. They outscored the Bengals 21-3 in the second half and promptly ran away with the game.

It wasn’t a complete game from start to finish as the New England offense and defense struggled early on in the game. But, as the game continued, both sides of the ball settled down and it eventually led to the team’s 11th win of the season. This victory was very significant for the Patriots as they clinched a playoff berth for the 11th straight season as well.

The victory wasn’t pretty to say the least, but a win is a win… and now the New England Patriots are on to the playoffs. But before New England finishes the regular season and enters the playoffs, there were four keys – or 4 Downs- that would’ve helped the Patriots to get back in the win column… let’s see how they did in addressing all of them.

New England Patriots 4 Downs Review: Week 15 @ Cincinnati Bengals

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