Week 15 NFL games to binge, stream and skip

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon runs through the three games that caught his eye on this weekend’s slate – including Jaguars vs. Ravens, Jets vs. Dolphins and Texans vs. Titans.

Video Transcript

– Here are the games you need to binge, stream, and skip from Week 15 of the NFL season. Let’s start with Ravens at Jaguars. The Jags need this game so bad, and I do not feel great about their chances going into this one, really concerned about the Jaguars defense– a lot of miscommunication a lot of blown coverages on the defensive side of the ball that allowed Joe Flacco to tear them up last week.

And David Bell? I mean, David Bell running wide open against your secondary? You cannot have that happen at this point in the season. And honestly, there was similar miscommunication issues between the wide receiver and quarterback on the other side for Jacksonville. So I feel pretty nervous, especially in the fantasy playoffs, about starting some of these Jaguars receivers, starting Trevor Lawrence in what’s also a tough match-up against the Baltimore Ravens.

On the flip side, because of some of those defensive issues, I couldn’t possibly feel better about several of your Baltimore Ravens going into this one. Obviously, Lamar Jackson coming off a signature dominant fantasy performance. And really, he’s got a chance down the back half of the season to make an MVP case in real-life NFL football. This is a good spot to do it, “Sunday Night Football.”

Like I said, it’s a favorable match-up. And I think they’ve got great utilization right now with both of these top receivers, Zay Flowers running the most routes on the team since Week 10 by a country mile, and most importantly, we saw his average depth of target jump above 12 in the first game off the bye, finally getting some of that use in the intermediate area.

And Odell Beckham, man, less is more. In that same span since Week 10, he is fifth on the team in routes run and first on the team in receiving yards. They’re getting the best…


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