September 19, 2021

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Week 15 Open Game Discussion

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Week 15 Open Game Discussion

The Thursday night affair pits the Jets (5-8) against the Ravens (11-2) in a game that may not be important or dramatic, but hey, any chance to watch Lamar Jackson is worth it, right? The biggest contest on Sunday pits the Texans (8-5) against the Titans (8-5) in a battle for AFC South supremacy. Other big Sunday matchups include Chicago (7-6) at Green Bay (10-3), the Rams (8-5) in Dallas (6-7, but hey, first place), and Buffalo (9-4) at Pittsburgh (8-5) in a meeting of the two AFC wild-card leaders. Your Monday night game sees Indianapolis (6-7) in New Orleans to face the Saints (10-3). Use this thread to discuss them all.

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