January 26, 2022

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Week 4 Open Discussion | Football Outsiders

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Week 4 Open Discussion | Football Outsiders

So, the Titans and Steelers are getting a surprise week off. Not so for the rest of the league!

The week begins with a Broncos-Jets matchup on Thursday night that may determine who gets the first pick in next year’s draft. Notable games include the Colts (2-1) at the Bears (3-0) at 1 p.m. and a pair of late games: the Bills (3-0) at the Raiders (2-1), and the Patriots (2-1) at the Chiefs (3-0) no, it’s just Bills-Raiders, with Pats-Chiefs delayed at least a day or two. Those are now the only three games this week where both teams have winning records. The Sunday night game pits Philadelphia (0-2-1) against San Francisco (2-1), while the Packers (3-0) host the Falcons (0-3) on Monday night. Use this thread to discuss them all assuming any of them are actually played. 


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