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Week 6 Open Discussion

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2020 Week 6 Steelers Vs Browns Live Update And...

Week 6 Open Discussion
Vincent Verhei
17 Oct 2020, 05:25pm

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

It has been a long time since the Browns and Steelers played an important game, but with a combined record of 8-1, they might be playing the most important game on Sunday. It’s also Myles Garrett’s first game against Pittsburgh since he was suspended for swinging a helmet at Mason Rudolph last season. Other notable contests include Chicago (4-1) at Carolina (3-2) and Green Bay (5-0) at Tampa Bay (3-2). The Sunday night games pits the Rams (4-1) against San Francisco (2-3), while the Monday night doubleheader pits Kansas City (4-1) against Buffalo (4-1) and Arizona (3-2) against Dallas (2-3). Use this thread to discuss them all.

Garrett v Rudolph

It is not their first game since the assault. It’s the first since the end of Garrett’s suspension.

And “swinging a helmet at” is generous of you, implying that perhaps he missed. He hit Rudolph’s bare head with Rudolph’s own helmet.


Eagles have done nothing on…

Eagles have done nothing on their first two drives against Bal, going 3 and out. Meanwhile Bal scores on their first drive. 

Nine games in the early…

Nine games in the early afternoon slot versus just two in the last afternoon time window. I know I should be used to it by now, but what a frustrating scheduling decision by the NFL.

They continue to schedule…

They continue to schedule games as if DirecTV and sports bars don’t exist.  You would think they would want people to watch their product.

Detroit has a double digit…

Detroit has a double digit lead again, which is when the trouble usually starts.  Can they make it 7 losses in a row in that situation?

At least ATL is under new…

At least ATL is under new management.  I have somewhat greater confidence in them to hold their lead than DET.

If I’m wrong about that and MIN comes back to win on 4 Q4 TDs, Quinn would be fully justified to tweet out, “See, it wasn’t me!”.

Bengals up 21-0 on the Colts…

Bengals up 21-0 on the Colts.  Haven’t been paying much attention to this game, so wonder how this happened.  I have no idea what to make of this Colts team.

The right side of Cleveland…

The right side of Cleveland’s o-line just has no prayer against Watt and company in pass blocking. And then on 4th and 4 the left side apparently didn’t get the memo about the hard count and got a moderately hilarious false start, forcing the punt. The one time Mayfield had time to throw in the pocket he threw a pick six. The game isn’t quite out of hand yet thanks to a decent defensive performance so far – and as I write that, Claypool makes a great grab with just an inch of separation from the receiver, setting up a score from the 2. Mayfield follows that up with another terrible pick. The Steelers have roundly demonstrated the unclothedness of the emperor in northeastern Ohio.


So where does punting from…

So where does punting from mid-field with 9 seconds left in the half on 4th and 1, with a timeout remaining, down 21, rank on the Coward-o-Meter?

In (slight) fairness to Cleveland, Mayfield appeared to get hurt on the previous play. In fairness to sense and logic, however, they do have other QBs on the roster.

In their defense, the…

In their defense, the chances of Cleveland scoring even if they converted.  Not in their defense, Pittsburgh’s chances of scoring if they failed were equally a slim, and you have to take some chances of you have any hope of mounting a comeback against a superior team on the road.

17, not 21, and CLE gets the…

17, not 21, and CLE gets the ball to start the 2nd half.  Both mitigating factors.


Giving Big Ben an even semi-short field when you haven’t been able to stop him is risky.


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