Week 9 binge, stream, skip game breakdowns

Game environment is the foundational starting point in making fantasy decisions. As such, I’m going to break down each game on the slate into three categories: Binge, Stream and Skip.

Games you want to “binge” are like the show you can’t miss; you’re watching as soon as it goes live and might just crush all the episodes in one weekend. These are the start-all-your-guys fantasy games and ones with season-defining storylines.

Games you want to “stream” are like the shows you certainly watch start to finish, but perhaps you’re finishing it over time instead of one shot. While these games might not feature a ton of “must-starts,” we can pick and choose our spots, and the teams are likely to matter in the NFL playoff picture.

Lastly, the games you want to “skip” are like the shows you’re leaning toward passing on, but you might catch an episode here and there (or might stick to reading recaps online to stay up with the culture). There will be a non-obvious player or two who stands out in these games, but overall, they aren’t the best environment for fantasy football.

Let’s dive into my Week 9 Fantasy Football Viewer’s Guide.



The Chiefs are coming off a loss that was so unlike any game we’ve seen in the Patrick Mahomes era. The quarterback certainly didn’t play up to standards while dealing with flu-like symptoms but the other deep issues of this attack reared their ugly head. Rashee Rice continues to be the focal point of fantasy talk but even he hasn’t broken out to a full extent because he’s just not there as a player yet. And he’s clearly their best wideout. That made it feel impossible for the Chiefs to come back in a game against the Broncos last week. Which is mega-troubling heading into a matchup with the Dolphins.

Nonetheless, I have faith in the Chiefs overall and see them hanging in this one despite the warning signs.

Miami’s offense has yet to prove it can dominate a good…


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