January 22, 2022

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WFT defenders get in ugly sideline fight after…

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WFT defenders get in ugly sideline fight after...

The Dallas Cowboys completed one of the most effortless quarter-and-a-half stretches on offense you’ll ever see against the Washington Football Team Sunday night, putting up 28 points long before halftime by carving through Washington’s defense like melted butter.

Though the Eagles shook off their resulting doldrums from playing Tuesday night by the time the second half rolled around, Washington seems to be battling more serious ill effects. Despite getting a number of players off the COVID reserve list, allowing them to build a technically workable roster for SNF, it’s safe to say the Football Team has never looked worse — and the mood is beyond testy at JerryWorld.

After yet another priceless Dak Prescott drive, Washington’s Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen — former Alabama Crimson Tide teammates — were spotted on the sidelines jawing at each other.

Just as things reached a fever pitch of animation, Allen took a swing at Payne, unleashing new levels of fury.

The Dallas Cowboys caused two Washington Football Team players, Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen, to fight.

There are “fights” and there are spectacles, and with every NBC cutback to Payne still seething on the other side of the bench, shaking uncontrollably, this certainly became more of a spectacle.

There was no telling who was the aggressor, though Allen was the one to finally break the silence and turn the conversation physical.

What we do know is that Allen was particularly tough on his teammates during the shortened pre-holiday week for their defensive effort in Philadelphia. He didn’t mince words, taking the run defense to task specifically.

“I don’t think we did anything well today when you give up however many yards we did today on the ground,” Allen said, via NBC Sports Washington. “We got our a– kicked. They were just the better team today.”

“In the NFL, you get paid to handle adversity. It is what it is,” Allen said. “We can [explative] and moan about COVID, nobody cares. It really doesn’t matter. If we do our job, we win the game today. We didn’t do our job and we got embarrassed.”

The energy we watched fester Sunday night surely carried over from the previous performance, as well as the week’s worth of negativity. Heightened tension this time of year is normal. For it to boil over this way certainly isn’t.

Punishment is doubtlessly coming for Payne and Allen, whether it’s formally distributed by the league or doled out by Ron Rivera in a private locker room meeting.

Dallas has looked fantastic. Washington has looked disastrous.

WFT defenders get in ugly sideline fight after Cowboys’ dominance