May 25, 2022

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What does Deshaun Watson trade mean for Matt Ryan?

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What does Deshaun Watson trade mean for Matt Ryan?

Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns means what exactly for Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons found a new, cool and interesting way of totally embarrassing themselves by getting got in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes at the expense of franchise quarterback Matt Ryan.

Watson may have reached out to the Falcons initially, and he may have wanted to go there. However, the Cleveland Browns gave the the Houston Texans a Godfather offer they could not refuse. All the while, the Falcons brass humiliated the greatest player in franchise history. Ryan did not deserve to be put through these type of shenanigans, so the Falcons get what they deserve.

As far as what the Falcons want to do, they want to make Ryan feel wanted. Good luck with that.

Atlanta Falcons: What is next for Matt Ryan after failed Deshaun Watson trade

Let’s be real. The Falcons flittered with a bad seed and got caught with their pants down. Atlanta prides itself on being a first-class organization, but this last week pretty much torpedoed that  notion. Before Ryan, this forsaken franchise never had back-to-back winning seasons. He carried a team for nearly 15 seasons. This was a goodwill ambassador you had in the bag and you blew it.

Ryan should probably tell the Falcons off and demand a trade. He sacrificed so much for this organization through the good, bad and ugly, and this is how he is treated. He earned way better than this. So if you ever really loved him, send him to a team that is going to do right by him because you played flirt and missed out on the best thing you had going for you. It is so over now.

Time may heal all wounds, but there is a reason why so many relationships end after one partner cheats. What the Falcons need to do is trade Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts to do right by him. In return, they should take on the final year of Baker Mayfield’s contract from Cleveland and think about what they did. The Ryan era was going to end in a year or two, but this was so classless.

Atlanta may try to mend fences, but the Falcons need to trade Ryan now and embrace the suck.

What does Deshaun Watson trade mean for Matt Ryan?