August 10, 2022

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What does preseason really mean for the Dallas…

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What does preseason really mean for the Dallas...

The Dallas Cowboys open up the NFL preseason with the opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game. This is the seventh time these two have matched up in this specific game. While we get football on our televisions once again, it is what some fans consider a watered-down version. That version still beats no version of football.

Looking at the preseason this year, the Cowboys are getting an extra game over every other team aside from the Steelers. This could be a huge factor for the Cowboys’ schemes. One more situation of game speed reps could be invaluable.

This may be the most valuable thing the Cowboys can benefit from. The 2020 season was ugly and Dallas did not get any help from a virtual offseason and non-existent preseason. Having a true training camp, preseason schedule, and structured routine did wonders for me as a collegiate football player and I can only imagine how much more it benefits NFL athletes.

These things are great and should help the Cowboys see a more successful 2021 campaign. But let’s not get lost in all the worrying about depth charts after one half of football, arguing over “Madden trades” we often get clickbait tricked into reading, or debating what we would do in hindsight of every decision. At the end of it, we are still getting the Dallas Cowboys on our televisions playing a football game.

Preseason football is sloppy and often showcases players we have never heard of. Take advantage of the stress-free action and remember we get to see fans in the stands once again without taking it for granted. Enjoy it for what it is: NFL football being back.

Personally, I do not have too many storylines I am following too closely going into Thursday night. Those will develop as the preseason progresses, but it would be acting a little too hastily to make any large judgments off tomorrow night.

Pick out two or three rookies or undrafted free agents tomorrow that are fighting for a spot on the roster and root for them. I’m an Iowa Hawkeyes fan as well so you can bet I will be watching defensive lineman Chauncey Golston and wide receiver Brandon Smith fight every rep they get. Find a couple of guys with great stories fighting tooth and nail for a roster spot and get excited about plays they make.

This is one of the few chances Cowboys fans have the ability to create our own storylines and enjoy it our own way. It is okay to let ourselves simply enjoy the Dallas Cowboys being back on TV without stress; we have enough of that coming our way in 17 games. Take a step back, make some fall football food, get comfy on the couch with some friends, and let’s embrace the Cowboys taking the field.

What does preseason really mean for the Cowboys?