January 17, 2021

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What we learned from New York Giants’ 36-9 loss to…

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What we learned from New York Giants’ 36-9 loss to...

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Following a Week 2 loss to the Chicago Bears, head coach Joe Judge dropped an f-bomb during his post-game press conference while talking about the game-ending penalty committed by wide receiver Golden Tate.

A few short days later, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett got a little testy with some of the questions he had fielded from reporters.

Both of those instances show there were some cracks in the foundation and that frustration was slowly beginning to built in East Rutherford.

Following their Week 3 humiliation at the hands of the 49ers, Judge remained in the locker room for over 45 minutes before finally emerging to tell reporters he did not intend to answer any analytical questions until he had an opportunity to watch the game film.

That was the first time Judge opted to take that route, and he did it before being asked a single question.

Meanwhile, defensive lineman Leonard Williams admitted to watching his teammates closely during Judge’s post-game press conference, implying he wanted to see if anyone was quitting.

These are not good signs for the Giants and paints an ugly picture for what’s to come.

What we learned from Giants’ 36-9 loss to 49ers

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