August 8, 2022

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What will be different in Week 2?

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What will be different in Week 2?

I heard a lot about low energy before the game. While this is a bit alarming, How much do you think losing an energy player like Jamaal has to play into this and who do you see bringing that energy in the future? I see Jaire on D with it but I think we need an offensive player too!

I said all offseason and through training camp that this team was going to have to embrace the long, hard grind to get back to where they were and take another shot. Lack of energy in the first game indicates to me they haven’t mentally embraced the long, hard grind yet. The fact they got this kick in the you-know-where, to use Rodgers’ words, in Week 1 given everything swirling around this team for the last five months is probably a good thing.

Hoping there are no bad feelings going on inside of the locker room, after seeing Zadarius posting a picture of a Captains Patch-chain on his Instagram story, while not being elected captain..

There’s no way for us to know what it’s like in the locker room because the media is not allowed in there again this year. But I don’t think Z is out to create trouble or sabotage anything. I think plenty of players still look up to him as a leader even if he wasn’t a top vote-getter. Missing all of training camp didn’t help his cause there, so to me it can’t be a shock others got more votes.

Just want to say the MLF is perfectly built as a modern day NFL coach and I am excited to watch him mature as his tenure continues.

He’s shown resiliency and his team has as well. This game will knock you down plenty and you have to get back up. He believes in his approach and he’s still won more than 3/4 of the games he’s coached. The games don’t all go well but nobody’s jumping ship just because of a rough Week 1.

Rodgers was very careful not to throw his OL under the bus but to my eye collectively they weren’t very good. Rodgers never had that much time and for the most part the run game was stopped at the point of attack, especially early in the game. To much penetration. Your view Mike?

The play of the game, the red-zone INT, was the worst of the protection breakdowns. The sack he took on the bootleg, Rodgers put it on himself and rightly so. I don’t think they gave the O-line enough opportunities to get things going in the run game. Part of that was play-calling, part the game situation. It’s a game that went sideways and it’s not worth spending too much time trying to draw major conclusions.

Despite the bad result of Week 1, do you have a favorite player-performance from that game?

Elgton Jenkins was plenty solid at LT. Marcus Davenport didn’t do much except the one sack when the play design left him unblocked. I thought Billy Turner at the other tackle played just fine, too. The two rookies inside showed they belonged and know what they have to work on.

Did the Packers ‘quit’ in the last quarter versus the Saints?

They put Jordan Love in, which was waving the white flag for the day, but I didn’t see the players on the field quitting on their teammates, if that’s what you’re asking.

How do you see Randall Cobb’s role evolving as the season goes along? Is it unreasonable to hope for anything close to what we saw years ago?

That’s a really good question. I don’t think Cobb is going to be the 1,000-yard, double-digit TD receiver he was back in 2014 again, but I see his usage being a week-to-week, game-plan specific sort of thing. Some games he might get 30-35 snaps and a handful of targets. Other games he might only play 10-12 snaps. But Adams, MVS and Lazard are the top 3 WR on this team until something changes.

What’s your new season over/under for Rodgers’ INT? Will he reach a 1975 John Hadl like effort of 21 picks 🙂

I could see him ending the season with a half dozen or fewer again. Last year’s October game vs. Tampa and this last one are the only regular-season games in which he’s thrown two since 2017, when he came back from the broken collarbone. He hates turnovers more than anything and he’s always protected the ball well over the long haul.

Was Amari Rodgers on offense before the fourth quarter? Also, if Heflin proved he belongs in training camp, then give him the chance he deserves and don’t keep him inactive just because he’s low man on the totem pole.

Cobb is ahead of Rodgers on the WR depth chart at this point, so a No. 5 receiver is going to have limited reps (and the Packers had limited snaps overall in that game, too). Heflin isn’t a player who can help on special teams, so it’s not a surprise he was inactive with all the other D-linemen healthy.

Much of coaching (successful game plans) on both sides of the ball is doing what the other team doesn’t expect. Saints seemed to be well aware of everything the Packers tried to do. Lessons learned for the coaches as well?

Doing what the other team doesn’t expect can work in the first month of the season or so, and the Saints certainly got more out of their unscouted looks than the Packers did. But eventually games come down to doing what you do best, which gives you game plans to build off of week after week. The foundations of game plans are not surprises.