July 29, 2021

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What’s in store for the offseason?

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What's in store for the offseason?

I live sports. Watch and follow, college sports, all pro sports, Nascar. That being said, when I relax and unwind I get away from that and read Steven King, Dean Koontz, Robin Cook, James Patterson, etc. I’m surprised with your career sports related you don’t “get away” in a good fiction novel.

I did that last year, reading the first three Bourne books by Ludlum. I enjoyed those, too, and it turned out to be a great choice when the pandemic hit in March. But I will always love baseball more than fiction.

I just want to give kudos for the Game day Live Blog. Having two young daughters, it can be a challenge to give full attention to a Packers game in real time. Am I the only one that goes back and reads the entire Live Game blog to get your perspective after the game is over?

I don’t know. I’m not even sure if I could follow all my random thoughts and musings after the fact.

Have all the compensatory draft picks been handed out yet? Do we know what the Packers will receive?

Nothing official yet, but projections have the Packers getting three extra picks — one each in the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds I believe.

I think LaFleur is still a bit too conservative when it comes to crunch time. He had only been an OC for 3 years. He seems to learn from his mistakes, but I get tired of his “I should have done this or that.”

Trust me, it’s not just younger coaches who feel that way after a game. I admire his ability to be honest publicly with such thoughts. Not all coaches are like that, even if they often feel the same way inside.

I know one person seldom makes the difference on a team, but I can’t help think we might be holding the trophy if Bakhtiari doesn’t get hurt.

That’s just another random element to this game and especially the postseason. Five sacks from the edge rushers after a season in which Rodgers was only sacked 20 times in 16 games … the Packers weren’t at their best, however you want to look at it.

Do the Packers ever pick up a free agent to create momentum or excitement, like in the case of JJ Watt?

This team doesn’t make personnel acquisitions for PR reasons or to sell tickets. It’s not how they operate.

Do you think with Rodgers wanting to take every second to read the defense, that they still have the ability to run a good hurry-up offense? Haven’t seen that in a few years.

I have no doubt they could. The Packers were still plenty good in two-minute situations this year. They just didn’t have many end-of-game scenarios where it was needed. Rodgers usually calls his own plays in two-minute anyway.

I can’t decide which MLB I like more, Krys Barnes or Kamal Martin. Which MLB are you more excited about for next season?

I’m excited for both, but I’d say Barnes impressed me more as a rookie. I think the question with both is where the ceiling is. We don’t know yet.

Steve’s criticism of LaFleur is misguided. I find it refreshing that that MLF is willing to be honest and look in the mirror for blame and improvement.

I think all coaches do that to some degree. What’s different about LaFleur is he’ll do it publicly, which I think the players in the locker room respect.

It does get frustrating. “We shouldn’t have gotten away from the run.” Then next time, “We shouldn’t have gotten away from the run.” Well, who’s in charge? Next time just run the dang ball.

That falls on both the play caller and the QB.

Next year the team that can’t win an NFC championship game will win the SB against a team that can’t win the SB. (Green Bay vs. Buffalo)…you heard it here first!!

All righty then. And we’ll let that be the last word for today. Thanks for all the participation folks, and we can do this again in a couple of weeks or so. Take care, all the best. –Mike