Which conference would be a better football fit for Oregon — Big Ten or Big 12?

With the departure of the Colorado Buffaloes from the Pac-12 Conference, the topic of conference realignment has once again been brought to the forefront.

If you’re and Oregon Ducks fan, this means that your team is in the middle of nearly every conversation that is being brought forth at the moment, for good or for bad.


Where do the Ducks go now? Assessing all options for Oregon and the Pac-12

While we’ve talked about potential options for Oregon going forward, and how a move to the Big Ten would be desirable for both parties in the end, we’ve also touched on where the Pac-12 might look to expand if they want to make a last-ditch effort to keep things intact.

Should the Ducks end up leaving the Pac-12 and finding a new home, we need to start vetting their landing spot. The Big 12 may be the more likely option at the moment, but the Big Ten is certainly the more-desired outcome. But is the Big Ten that much better than the Big 12, and if so, why?

Let’s take a look at that question. In college football, one of the most important things for fans to hold onto is rivalries, and shared experiences. One place may be a great spot for a team to land, but if they don’t have any past matchups with the teams in the conference, things could fall flat in the end.

So when looking at the Big Ten and the Big 12, which conference has Oregon had more experience with, and where would the best rivalries come from? Let’s take a look:

Big 12 — Teams With No History

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The following Big 12 schools are teams that the Oregon Ducks have never played before, and therefore do not have a prior history with:

There are certain storylines or relationships that tie the schools together, like former Oregon co-DC Matt Powledge going back to Baylor last year, or former Oregon OC Scott Frost taking over as the UCF…


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