Which Pac-12 school has dominated the recruiting world most since 2010?

When you look at the history of college football out on the west coast, several different eras have come and gone throughout the years. From the days back in the Pac-8, the Pac-10, or the Pac-12, there are a handful of teams who have had their day in the sun, with schools like USC, Washington, Oregon, UCLA, and Utah all largely staying near the top of the rankings for the most part.

The same can largely be said when we get to the topic of recruiting. If you look at the history of the conference as a whole, there has been no school more dominant than the USC Trojans when it comes to signing and developing top-rated talent. While most schools are lucky to have had a dozen 5-star players to sign with their team, the Trojans boast a number greater than 60. Going back decades, USC is in a class of its own when it comes to recruiting.


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But is that still the case when you narrow the scope of things and look at more recent history? The Ducks can’t boast historical recruiting numbers like USC, but since 2010, can Oregon hold a candle to the Trojans when it comes to top-rated commitments?

That’s a question that we wanted to find out. Last week, I looked at the top 50 rated recruits in the Pac-12 since the year 2010, trying to figure out if it could tell us anything about ratings, and how well they can predict future success.


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Now I want to look at the top 100 recruits during that timeframe and try to see which Pac-12 team has been the most successful at landing elite talent over the last decade.

To do this, I ranked the top 100 Pac-12 recruits since 2010 and found how many top 50 players and top 100 players each team landed.

Here’s what I found:

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