September 26, 2021

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Which player helped himself most?

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Which player helped himself most?

I was a little surprised that rookie David Montgomery was among the players the Bears held out of their preseason game against the Giants. Does that mean that he’s already earned a prominent role for this season?
Vince F.
Rock Island, Illinois

That’s definitely the assumption I made. Not playing running back David Montgomery versus the Giants was a sign to me that the third-round draft pick has already proven what type of player he can be and the Bears want to preserve him for the regular season. I’m sure if it were up to Montgomery, he would be out on the field. But as Nagy said after a recent practice, he intended to “protect David from David.”

What happened on the snap that got past quarterback Chase Daniel and rolled out of the end zone for a safety? It looked to me like a pretty good snap. Would you agree?
Dave C.
Niles, Michigan

The shotgun snap from undrafted rookie Sam Mustipher looked to me like it was pretty accurate, but maybe a bit too fast. Here’s what quarterback Chase Daniel said about the play after the game: “It was obviously something that I could’ve handled a little bit better. I really didn’t know that we had actually switched centers before that drive, but I’ve been working with Sam all summer and all these games. So yeah, I mean listen, I have to catch it. It was a little bit of a heater, but we talked through it, settled him down and we’re good.”

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