January 27, 2021

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Who are the Vikings’ biggest threats?

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Who are the Vikings' biggest threats?

Hey everybody. Thanks for logging on. I see there already are questions coming in so we’ll get started.

In the Inbox today you mention that Davante Adams is under contract until 2021 and with the 5th year option would become a top free agent for the Packers to sign in 2022. Isn’t he now in his second contract?

The reference to the fifth-year option was Jaire Alexander, who would be under contract through 2022 if the Packers exercise the option. Adams’ current contract expires after 2021.

The Badger’s game cancellation because of the Covid is disappointing. Hopefully the Packers can make it through the season without a similar development. Any idea how many Packer players had the virus this summer and are now somewhat immune?

There were a few players put on the Covid reserve list at the start of training camp, but the Packers have had no players test positive since (fingers crossed). The situation in our state is really bad and it’s unfortunate what’s happened with the Badgers, but hopefully no one gets really sick and recovers quickly.

Kamal Martin played his first NFL game but I saw him called the Defense plays, that says a lot about him. Hope he stays healthy and play great for the Packers.

His debut was a strong one, no doubt. He definitely earned more snaps. If both he and Krys Barnes are available, it’ll be interesting to see which one wears the green dot.

Hi Mike. What differences do you see in the Vikings between the Week 1 matchup and now?

Justin Jefferson has come on as a big-play threat as a rookie WR. He wasn’t much of a factor in Week 1, which was his first NFL game, but he’s a major factor now. The Vikings traded Ngakoue, though, and he was their best pass rusher on a D-line that hasn’t had, and won’t have, Hunter this year.

The Vikings aren’t out of it yet but with that trade of the DE last week it feels like they might be throwing in the towel for this year and starting to set themselves for 2021. Your thoughts?

It was a curious move, but with the expected drop in the salary cap for 2021, it’s not a shock to see some higher-priced players moving around. Some teams are pre-emptively dealing with the potential offseason cap issues. Money not spent can be carried over.

Just saw the report that a Texans player has tested positive for COVID. Do you expect the Packers to do anything differently on the chance that player (whoever he is) could have infected any Packers?

The Packers are testing every day, just like every other team. I’m not sure what there would be to do differently.

Mike, what is the biggest threat Minnesota is bringing to Lambeau on Sunday?

They have offensive weapons. I already mentioned Jefferson. Thielen, Cook, Rudolph are all proven producers. Cousins has had a rough year thus far, but if he used the bye week to reset, he’s always capable of a big game. So, to me, the offense and perhaps a nothing-to-lose attitude at 1-5 are the biggest threats they bring.

What is Aaron Jones’ availability looking like this weekend?

Couldn’t tell you. We’ll see how the week goes. Calf injuries can be tricky, and the Packers have another game next Thursday.

From what my eyes tell me the Packers offense has been more productive when they use pre snap motion. As a veteran flag football player, I can tell you it’s a lot harder to play against the motion stuff because your responsibilities can change in a split second, and if you’re unsure your first step is going to be back. The one L this year they didn’t use motion as much. You think that’s in the coaches minds?

I’m sure they’re aware of it. They self-scout everything they call. LaFleur said the decision to use less motion against Tampa Bay was opponent-based, according to their film study.

Hi Mike. The last time we meet Dalvin Cook he rushed for 50 yards but scored twice. Perhaps the Vikings try to establish the run, so what can you tell about the necessary adjustments the defense needs to do in order to contain him?

Cook can be tough to tackle. He gets a lot of yards after contact because he’s really powerful. The more defenders the Packers can get to the ball the better. Fewer tackles are missed when it’s a gang effort.

See the Seahawks just traded for Dunlap. any chance Packers make any real move in the next week?

I honestly have no idea. These are such strange times, as I mentioned, with the pending cap situation next year and all.

If/when Christian Kirksey comes back, do you see a rotation at MLB or has he earned that 3 down role?

That could depend on how the next couple of weeks go. There’s no decision to be made yet, and Barnes exited the last game with an injury. If everyone’s healthy and the Packers have options, the coaches will consider it a great problem. (Update: LaFleur told the media later that Kirksey is expected to return to practice this week.)


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