April 12, 2021

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Who isn’t getting enough praise from Week 2?

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Who isn't getting enough praise from Week 2?

Following the Dallas Cowboys’ Week 2 win, this player isn’t getting enough credit

The Dallas Cowboys pulled off a surreal comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday. A lot of credit was given to kicker Greg Zuerlein and quarterback Dak Prescott. It’s not that they don’t deserve it, it’s just that someone deserves his share of the credit.

Future Hall of Famer Jason Witten left the team this offseason, making Blake Jarwin the new starting tight end. After an offseason of hyping up how good of a season he would have, an injury in the first game of the season will prevent him from proving people right or wrong.

Due to the injury tight end, Dalton Schultz was the next guy in line to be the starter. I can understand why people were skeptical about him filling in. After all, his Week 2 performance was better than the rest of his career combined.

On the bright side, it was one heck of a performance. On the other side, he does not have success at the NFL level yet. His Week 2 performance should make you feel at least a bit better.

Schultz had a very good performance

Maybe Schultz isn’t as good as people thought Jarwin was going to be, but he played well. The former fourth-round pick caught nine of 10 passes thrown his way. That gave him 88 receiving yards and one receiving touchdown.

Not only did he lead the team in receptions, but he also tied for the team lead for first downs with running back Ezekiel Elliott. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a very good contribution for a tight end, nevermind in his first game as the go-to tight end.

The 24-year-old wasn’t flashy, but he caught the ball and got first downs. It may sound crazy, but his performance looked similar to that of Witten in his 30’s.

If Schultz can take that safe Witten-type role, then he will have a good season. You can’t expect him to make crazy one-handed catches or to dance around linebackers like Travis Kelce, but you can see him be a nice safety net for Dak.

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In reality, this is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys needed in Week 2. When things aren’t looking good, you know you have your safety tight end close by that can catch the ball and get you that first down.

I heard praise for Dak, Zuerlein, rookie wideout CeeDee Lamb, and edge rusher Aldon Smith. Haven’t heard much about Schultz. So, here I am giving him the credit he deserves.

I have no clue if he will be able to keep up the production, but the performance this past week should at least give fans some hope. Do you think Schultz will be able to remain a safety net for Dak? Let me know in the comments section below.

Dallas Cowboys: Who isn’t getting enough praise from Week 2?

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