May 25, 2022

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Why Matt Ryan ‘Fits Our Offense Perfectly,’ How…

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Why Matt Ryan 'Fits Our Offense Perfectly,' How...

Why Matt Ryan “Fits Our Offense Perfectly”

That quote is how Colts offensive coordinator Marcus Brady described Matt Ryan, who since being acquired a little over a month ago in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons has poured in countless hours getting to know his new scheme and new teammates.

But why is he a perfect fit for what the Colts want to accomplish on offense?

“Just as far as he wants to get the ball out quickly, he’s in rhythm, he’s an accurate quarterback,” Brady said. “One thing that he brings differently, he’s damn near a coach in himself. He’s really been, like this week and last week, he’s coaching up the receivers as well. Like, ‘This is what I’m looking for. This is what I except. This is the body lean that I want you to have.’ It’s just kind of a breath of fresh air to hear that so the rest of the room is not just hearing it from the coaches, they’re hearing it from their quarterback. Because it’s really about them as far as getting on the same page and timing. Definitely was excited when we got Matt.”

With a young receiver room – 25-year-old Keke Coutee is the oldest player in it right now – and position coaches/coordinators/the head coach not allowed on the field during Phase 1 of the offseason program, having Ryan lead on-the-turf drills as a pseudo-coach is a nice benefit for the Colts at this stage of the league year. As Ryan is working in meetings with Reich, Brady, quarterbacks coach Scott Milanovich and assistant quarterbacks coach Parks Frazier on tweaking parts of the offense, he’s taking those tweaks and bringing them to Michael Pittman Jr., Parris Campbell, Mike Strachan, Dezmon Patmon, etc. on the field.

“When they are able to go throw, because we’re not able to go out there on the field right now, he’s able to go out there and coach these guys up and clean up a few things for those guys,” Brady said. “It’s definitely helping those young guys. We are putting a lot of trust in the guys that we have, right? We have these young guys that we’re very excited about because they are very talented, they just need to get their reps. I think this is going to be an opportunity to get a nice, full offseason that when training camp rolls around that we can give them all these reps so they can be game ready.”

Coaches will be allowed on the field with players when Phase 2 of the offseason program begins next week. But when Reggie Wayne gets with his wide receivers, it won’t be the first time his guys will have heard and drilled that stuff with Ryan. At this point in the offseason – and with the Colts not having a normal offseason program since 2019 – that stuff all counts for plenty.