August 10, 2022

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Why signing free agent Odell Beckham Jr. makes…

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Why signing free agent Odell Beckham Jr. makes...

One thing I know about Dallas Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones is that he loves star power. We have seen him trade for high-profiled skill players and draft running backs and wide receivers over positions of need.

I think now would be a great time to see that side of Jerry. The Cowboys need wide receiver depth, that is unquestionable. So why not take a chance on Odell Beckham Jr.? Once OBJ left that terrible situation in Cleveland, he became a very effective player with the Los Angeles Rams.

He even played a big role in helping them become Super Bowl champions. So much so that his teammates are hoping that he comes back to Los Angeles. In fact, it may be hard for Dallas to pry him away from LA if they do want to pursue him.

The Dallas Cowboys should sign free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. before training camp

Beckham Jr., unfortunately, suffered a torn ACL in the Super Bowl, so he has a long offseason of recovery ahead of him. But, that injury will certainly lower his price tag – maybe to a place where the Cowboys will be comfortable sliding in with an offer.

You are probably thinking, “why would the Cowboys want another receiver recovering from a torn ACL?” Well, here is why. Beckham is only 29 years old, so offering him a three or four-year deal could end up being a steal. He may miss the first four or six games of this season, but after that, you have another dynamic playmaker opposite of CeeDee Lamb.

Then, in the second, third, or even fourth year of the deal, you get a fully healthy Beckham Jr. at a discounted price for all of those seasons. The upside of this former first-round pick is too good for the Cowboys to pass up at this point in free agency.

OBJ was on a legendary pace to start his career. Through his first three seasons, he was putting up numbers that had him compared to 49ers legend Jerry Rice. Then, injuries and moments of immaturity set in and derailed part of his career. Ever since joining Los Angeles, the Rams spoke glowingly of him, and his play on the field warrants him another contract.

The Cowboys’ $22 million in cap space is not going to spend itself. Jones and Co. have to take a long look at Beckham Jr. and realize he can fit in well with their team. Imagine a receiving corps of Michael Gallup, Lamb, and Beckham Jr. taking the field for the Cowboys by Week 6.

OBJ is most likely going to want to play for a Super Bowl contender. Well, if he joins this offense the Cowboys should once again be a top team in the NFC.

Why signing free agent Odell Beckham Jr. makes sense for the Cowboys